Summer is over!

Remember that fancy 2016 biz plan you made back in January?

You’ve got 4 months left to make it happen.

I’m guessing that you still have a hefty to-do list to roll out this year.

But summer came and went (that vacation was fun!), and
now you're getting settled into the fall...

Pretty soon it will be the holidays and you'll be wondering,
"Where did my year go?"

How would it feel to get some hand-holding to guide and support you?

Someone to walk alongside you with
your biz strategy and marketing and TUNE IT UP.

A creative + strategic partner to help get your goals into action
(and into your clients’ hands.)

A Chief Of Staff to guide you and hold you accountable.

Because you’ve got the vision.


The Back-To-School Biz Tune Up

30 days of customized Creative Marketing Direction for your biz.