3 engagement-boosting tips for a successful teleseminar or webinar

I see it over and over again.  Female entrepreneurs getting up the UMPH to host a teleseminar or webinar to build their list and get their name out there, and then, the whole thing fizzles.Things don't work right They sound like a robot (or they verbally vomit)People don't respond to their offer

And then - these amazing women feel about 2 feet tall.  They want to curl up in bed and NEVER do that again!

It makes me so sad, because there IS a way to have massively successful teleseminars and webinars.

So today I want to share with you

3 engagement boosting tips
3 engagement boosting tips

1.  Make sure you can confidently use your technology

Nothing is a connection-killer like accidentally muting yourself, getting dropped from the conference (as the host!), or when your Google hangout just won't work properly.

While these hiccups happen, it looks unprofessional and many attendees won't want to be patient as you sort things out.

So, here are some ways to prepare:

  • Figure out your teleseminar or webinar technology at least 2 weeks in advance. I have so many clients who test this out the NIGHT BEFORE their teleseminar, and this sets them up for stress and overwhelm. (I recommend Instant Teleseminar for the most professional execution).
  • Practice using your teleseminar technology 2-3 times before the real thing. This will allow you to focus on your content, not the technology when it's time to deliver.
  • Have a backup person helping you on your teleseminar day.  Whether you hire a VA or just have your techno-savvy hubby help you, having someone to support you is a must for a successful delivery.

2.  Boost your live interaction

Nothing puts a girl to sleep faster than a rambling host who is talking like her thoughts are a million miles away.  In this technology-filled world, I'm always a HUGE fan of making the connection as human and as "in-person" as possible.

Here's some ways to do that:

  • Start off with a leading attendees with movement such as stretching, dancing or breathing.  This helps get everyone get focused (and it will help you break the ice with your nerves too!)
  • Mention specific people on the call. With Instant Teleseminar you can see who and where people are calling in from. I like to say, "I see people from New York and Texas and California calling in!" It makes the attendees feel a connection to each other.
  • Give them a call-to-action during the call.  Encourage attendees to post their a-ha's on your Facebook event page during the call - I even make it a contest with a winner.  They love this!
  • Open the line to questions at the end.  Other listeners love to hear the questions (they are probably thinking them too) and it's a great way for you to clarify any content that they may not have grasped.

3.  Let your listeners feel your passion

So many hosts talk WAY too fast or get so nervous with just delivering the content that it makes the listeners anxious, bored, or both!

While it's totally OK to have a script for your call, find a way to connect to your message.  Here's how:

  • Keep in mind WHY you are delivering this content.  You have something AMAZING to share that will change people's lives, and people need to hear it.  CLAIM that awesomeness!
  • Write "pause" in your script at important places as a reminder to stop, breathe, and feel into your audience.
  • Share your mess-to-success story as it relates to your topic.  Showing your vulnerability and then telling how you overcame it will endear you to your audience and make you much more "real" and likable.

When you follow these three tips, you're bound to more confidently and effectively pull off a teleseminar and webinar!

Do you have specific questions about hosting a tele seminar or webinar?  Email me and I'll help you out!

To rocking it online,