[Free Template] Join me TODAY to create your simple, easy yet oh-so effective 3-step marketing strategy

Tuesday's class on

How To Take You Content From Messy To Clean

was a hit!

Here's what people are saying about it;

My intention was to empower the attendees to FINALLY speak from the heart - to break through that "I have to market myself this way" mindset and to give them validation and permission to bring out their quirks AND their genius as they show their authentic selves in their biz.

We talked about the power of emotion in the buying process and how to leverage that.

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TODAY, Thursday May 14 at 10am PT/1pm ET

I wanted to create this simple yet powerful class because even marketing people like me can get a headache with all the "shoulds" in marketing themselves:

  • Social media (which one? strategies for each? How to keep up?)
  • Email (what to write? how to grow my list?)
  • Networking (Elevator pitch fear!)


And honestly what I see it's that it's crippling - amazing women shut down because they are so overwhelmed (can you relate?)

My mission is to help you today with a SIMPLE yet powerful plan of action to market yourself - one that gets you excited, empowered and ready to go!

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To simple yet powerful,


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