3 stress-free money making tips for visionary entrepreneurs

Us visionaries are a frazzled breed. 

We love to dream and create and envision grandeur for our business.

We secretly journal ourselves to fame.
We paint to get through our frustrations.
We dance to get our thoughts flowing.

And then, most of us get stuck.

We have SO many thoughts and ideas running around in our head - yet when it comes time to organize or implement them, we go quiet.

We draw a blank on what's the first thing we should do.
We sink into overwhelm over they way we "should" do it.
We doubt our vision and choose to stay small and safe.

We think, "I'm never going to make the money I want from this!"

But it doesn't have to be that way.

There IS a way to organize your creative process and receive income from your vision without going berserk.

Here are 3 stress-free money-making tips for my fellow visionaries:


1. Plan, but don't overplan

So many coaches this time of year talk about your 2017 plan. But in my experience, most women entrepreneurs can't think past the next 2-3 months.

How would it feel to lighten up with the long term planning?

Instead, make 1-2 revenue goals for the next 60-90 days. Plan your offerings to meet those. 

Maybe it's focusing on offering your jumpstart session.
Maybe it's inviting past clients into a continuation package.

Whatever it is, organize your daily activities to meet those goals. Stay focused on those.

I promise that this short term planning will feel simpler and less overwhelming.

It can help even the most under-planners feel like they have a plan! (And guess what? When you are focused and dedicated with your actions, clients listen!)

2. Take the path of least resistance

If I could have a dollar for every time I have heard a client talk about how they want to roll out an amazing online group program or massive membership site - I would be a rich woman!

These women have an amazing vision, but the truth is that launch process, along with the number of people needed in their tribe to make this feasible, is several steps ahead for most entrepreneurs.

Sometimes the logistics of a big group launch totally outweigh the joy and potential income that it can bring.

From a business standpoint, I ask them to consider if it's the right move.

Instead I ask, "How can you bring in money in a FUN way?" 

And 9 times out of 10, they don't say that it's the massive program or membership site.

They talk about connecting with clients on a soul level.
They want to see the impact of their work face to face (or Zoom face to face!).
They are craving something that is filled with ease.

Ahhh. Ease.

I talk with them about how your tribe can FEEL your energy - your excitement and how passionate you are.

So when you feel as if what you are offering is easy and fun - guess what? Your clients will feel that ease and fun (and want to sign up!)

3. Stay technology-light

I can't tell you how many brilliant, passionate and amazing women entrepreneurs are out there who are deathly afraid of technology.

And that's totally OK! I have my moments too.

When you use your energy towards making sure all all of your systems are perfect, you have little energy left to actually invite people in.

I have talked many clients off a ledge from complicated marketing systems into finding an ease-filled way to market that works for them.  

Don't want to figure out video? Blog instead.

Terrified of doing a webinar? Teleseminars can be just as effective (and not as scary!) 

Have no idea how to run Facebook ads? Then don't! Focus on nurturing your current people.

Whatever it is that takes your energy away from serving your clients and prospects - STOP.

Because where energy flows - money grows.

I encourage you to think through one of these tips this week and see if you can fill your business with more EASE and FUN!

December is my birthday month and I have a very special sale coming on Monday to help you keep the EASE and FUN in your biz! Stay tuned!