3 Tips to Take Your Marketing Copy Up A Notch

Remember my challenge from last week?  Have you tried something new (or even enjoyed something creative that you normally do)?  Has it spurned any creative juices for your marketing? Maybe you've had fun with the creative part, but when it comes to the marketing part, you're stumped.

Today I want to show you how use that creativity to truly engage your audience through your marketing copy.  

Sit down.  Are you ready?  Close your eyes and and imagine ONE client.  This could be someone you have loved working with in the past.  This could be you a few steps ago.

Walk in their shoes for a day and answer these specific questions:

1. What is keeping him/her up at night (Pain point)?

I always ask my private clients this question, and here's some examples that they have given me:

Emotional eater:  Fear of being overweight, sluggish, tired and uncomfortable for the rest of their lives.

Flight attendant:  She is not waking up refreshed.  She is dragging.

New parent:  Their baby is not sleeping well and they are going crazy.

2. How specific can you be?  Can you take the detail up a notch?  What scenarios can your describe?

While the above examples are good, I always encourage them to get MORE specific. We dive into the details - like this:

Emotional eater: 

  • Her clothes don’t fit right and are old and frumpy – not stylish at all (mom clothes!  Drab colors!)
  • She is not comfortable with herself, her wardrobe, the way she looks in the mirror.
  • She prefers to stay in on a Friday night because she would rather not deal.  She hiding out from life.

Flight attendant:

  • She is sleeping in different bed every night.
  • She had a late night flight and then an early morning flight.
  • She went out and had fun the night before but now needs to be alert in the morning.

New parent:

  • She can't concentrate at work because she is so sleep deprived.
  • She is resentful towards her baby and not bonding like she wants to because the baby is crying all the time.
  • She almost had a fender bender with the baby in the car because she was not alert, and it really scared her.

3. How will he/she feel when it is all better (Pleasure point)? What will that look like?

Now we need to get out of all that pain and describe how their client will feel when that pain is taken away.  We need to describe how much better their life will be (and again, being super specific):

Emotional eater:

  • She feels fit, toned, flexible and strong.
  • She feels stylish and takes pride in her appearance.
  • She feels like being more engaged in social situations and feels like going OUT in life!

Flight attendant:

  • She is feeling rested, confident and centered - ready for anything.
  • She is energetic and alert.
  • She’s appreciative for this glamorous life that is full of travel and freedom.

New parent:

  • She can better function at work and is more able to cope with the demands of a new baby.
  • She can truly bond and enjoy her baby during awake times.
  • She can begin to lose the baby weight because she is rested and can actually focus on eating right (instead of reaching for the cookies).

Pretty simple, huh?  And here's the best part:

These descriptions can be used for ALL of your marketing language -  for your launch and beyond!  

Yep - this exercise gives you SO MUCH content to pull from for your emails, your social media and more.  And here's the thing.  It works.

But it helps to have a sounding board.  It's great to dive deep and get crystal clear with your descriptions in a "marketing jam session" with your launch coach, which is why I am so excited to offer:

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Knowing what to say to them by using their own words, understanding scenarios where they are struggling and being able to relate to them on a personal level is KEY to making them feel like, "She is talking directly to me!"

I invite you to jump into this private VIP Intensive where we’ll get those creative juices flowing TOGETHER to get into the mind of your ideal client.

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