3 Ways To Get a Back-To-School Biz Boost!

My kids are back in school.

Happy Dance! Big time! 

My teenagers are now both in high school and my son is able to drive them to school.

Double Happy Dance!

I mean, seriously! Last year I was carpooling to 2 schools with 2 different drop-off and pick-up times and the transportation was all up to me.

Needless to say I am happy for their newfound independence as well as mine.

And as I have been prancing off to yoga or enjoying a long journaling session while they head out, it made me realize....

This transitional time is POWERFUL (even if you don't have kids).

There's something about the changing of seasons that makes you want to revamp, renew, and get back on track, you know?

And if we throw in Mercury Retrograde that begins today - it's SERIOUSLY a time to take a pause and a fresh look at your biz.

So I knew it was time to sit down, take a big breath and said, "OK Heather - what now?" 

I wrote down some key goals that I wanted to share with you:


1. Self-Care

I don't even have my summers crazy anymore since my kids are somewhat self-sufficient - but I have been so glad to have a little extra time to revamp my self care, you know?

I've been taking long walks in the park, making my favorite kale salad and allowing myself my beloved 10-minute catnaps.

All of this "Heather care" feels SO good and it's getting me really pumped up for what's next, which brings me to #2...

But first - how are you allowing yourself to KNOW that a little more self-care right now will pay off in your biz?

2. Make a 4-month plan

September is here, and we have 4 months left for 2016.

While I know many women entrepreneurs don't really like to plan TOO far ahead, 4 months is an PERFECT time frame to say, "How do I want to finish off the year?"

How can you create 2-3 tangible but slightly uncomfortable goals for yourself?

I invite you to dream a little and then claim them!

3. Stay tuned for my Back-To-School Biz Booster Special!

I've been helping my Creative Marketing Director clients in such a powerful way this past year that I wanted to find an accessible way to bring it to you.

While I help these clients on a retainer basis, I am so pumped to be able to deliver a short-term jolt of biz clarity for you in September!

Because I'm passionate about helping you say goodbye to: 

  • Wondering how you’ll actually pull off the copywriting, planning and marketing strategy that is needed for an entrepreneur of your caliber.
  • Feeling like you are winging it every.single.day.
  • Not having a sounding board or someone to give you a powerful perspective on all your brilliant “I want to accomplish” ideas.

And my mission is to get you to say hello to:

  • A marketing plan that helps you feel confident and clear.

  • Finally finding a way to get all that copywriting polished and feeling like you!

  • Feeling as if you have the support you crave so that you can stay in your creative zone.

Details coming next week!