[48-hour SUMMER SALE] Message Multiplier starts tomorrow!

You are a marketing genius.

You just didn't know it until now.

As professional marketer, an experienced coach and a strategic thinker, and I’m here to tell you that you are already a thought leader in your industry!

You already HAVE your amazing ideas, but when it comes time to write a blog post, connect on social media in a professional way or think of a title for a talk, you get stuck.

So you go clean the bathroom, surf Facebook for “just a sec” or eat some dark chocolate, hoping for inspiration to hit.

But your monkey mind creeps in instead….

  • "I had a great brainstorm the other day – now why when I sit down to write – it is so frickin’ hard?”
  • “I have this awesome talk that I did  way back when – how can I dust it off and reuse it in different ways?”
  • “I see other people using social media for business – how can I do that?”
  • “How the heck can I stand out in the crowd and get clients to come knocking on my door?”

The truth is that you just need someone to help you pull out your great content.

How would it feel to have several months’ worth of blog post topics, social media posts and all-around CLARITY on how you can get heard in this busy marketplace?

How would it feel to get a fresh pair of eyes on your ideas and your business (all without leaving your house) so you can have a burst of clarity in June that will set you up to meet (or exceed) your 2014 sales goals?

Here's the thing:  Great marketing is a consistent, powerful message over time.  

Think of how many times you have watched that Coca-Cola commercial or heard about who is going to sing on American Idol.  You may not drink Coca-Cola or watch American Idol, but you KNOW that they are there and you recognize their brand.

It's time for people to know you and your business in that same way...

Great marketing for your business should pack a punch, and that won't happen with one email or blog post (which is what, I hate to say, so many of you do!).

That's why I'm SO excited to offer a simple and affordable way to leverage your message and pull our your brilliance - so you can EXECUTE that marketing genius inside of you!

Beginning tomorrow, I am offering a 48-hour sale to help you

leverage your existing content

amplify your message

call in your tribe

Stay tuned tomorrow (bright and early) where I will share the whole scoop.  I can't WAIT to empower you to use these sunny, breezy days of summer to know EXACTLY how you are going to hit it hard with your message as you elevate your business this fall!

"Heather’s private coaching sessions have been phenomenal!! So much juicy stuff comes from them that I hadn’t been able to get on paper on my own. I have been feeling blocked when it comes to creating anything and now I have outlines for 2 things I’ve thought about creating for a year.”

- Dana Garced, www.ichingforchange.com

To amplifying your brilliant message,