5 Ways to Make December a Dynamite Month For Your Business

It's December! And it's my birthday today! YAY! 

(In fact I want to celebrate with you by having a Birthday Sale - coming on Monday, December 5! Stay tuned!)

This is a month of bustling around with gift giving and celebrating. It can be a joyous time.

But our online businesses can often slow way down in December (which doesn't add to the joy of gift giving, if you know what I mean!)

I know for me, I really miss those December corporate bonuses that would cover the extra costs of the holidays (maybe I should ask my boss, a.k.a. myself, about doing that? LOL!).

But you don't HAVE to hear crickets chirping or see the pennies vanishing this month! It can be a fabulous month to get creative and boost your business in a whole new way.

That's why I want to share 5 ways to make December a dynamite month for your business.

1. Get on the phone to connect.

Yep - I said the phone!

I know in this online world we are addicted to Facebook messages, email newsletters and Instagram photos. The phone seems - well - outdated!

But there's something about a phone call that can make your tribe feel really special. (And when they feel that attention, they remember you and love you more!)

Take time to call just 1 contact per day this month.

Maybe it's former clients to see how they are doing.
Maybe it's some warm networking leads that you haven't gotten around to.

Spread love and cheer to them! You never know what will come of it!

2. Create an easy bonus offer for current clients.

Do you have something you can offer (even at a discount) that will really ADD to what you already do for your clients?

Maybe it's a bonus planning session.
Maybe it's your e-course.
Maybe it's a VIP session.

Making a special offer to current clients can enhance your relationship with them AND bring you some extra cash. 

Love them up! Make them feel like a VIP and see the magic happen.

3. Take time to dream and plan for January.

January is GO TIME for most people. It's a New Year and a time to begin again.

It's an EXCELLENT time to offer something new (or even create a buzz around something your currently offer).

Use this month to carve out some planning sessions to dream and get clear with how you want your January to go.

The more planning and pieces you can put together now, the more energy you will have to TRULY connect with your peeps and communicate your sizzling offer in January!

4. Offer an end-of-year sale.

Do you have something ready-to-go in which you can offer a flash sale?

Maybe it's an e-book.
Maybe it's a power hour session.
Maybe it's your online course.

People LOVE to save money, so offering one of your signature items at a discount for a limited time could activate them to buy!

5. Get your books in order.

Take some time with month to check in with your bookkeeper and accountant to ensure you are on track for taxes for 2016 and you are familiar with your Profit & Loss statement.

Knowing exactly where you are in your business this month (and this year!) can help you make the best decisions possible as the year wraps up.

Maybe you can deduct something you didn't know you could.
Maybe you'll learn won't owe as much estimated tax as you had planned.
Maybe gaining some clarity around your books will spur some inspirations and goals for 2017.

It's December.

Make the most of it by having some fun and getting creative with how you do business this month!

I'm so happy to share my birthday today with my lovely client Alicia Isaacs Howes. 

Alicia sent me the most amazing email this week that said,"Heather has helped me bring my ideas together, leverage my time, create clear messaging and write brilliant marketing sequences. Having a gifted marketing professional like Heather who gets the intuitive side of my business and offers a safe place for me to think out loud and try on ideas is priceless!"

Aww - so much love to you, Alicia! And Happy Birthday!