5 Productivity Hacks for the Busy Mamapreneur

Since the launch of my gorgeous new website 2 weeks ago, I've been going full steam ahead. (BTW have you seen my new website? Check it out here).

Heck, who am I kidding?

  • Being a single mom with 2 teenagers in a kajillion different activities...
  • Taking uber good care of my full plate of amazing clients...
  • Helping my parents pack up and sell my childhood home... 
  • Finding quality time to spend with my boyfriend who lives 45 minutes away...
  • And keeping up some sort of health and wellness routine so I don't burn out...

I am ALWAYS going full steam ahead!

And I'm guessing you are too.

Us entrepreneurs are a little crazy sometimes - trying to do it all because we don't like anyone else telling us what to do! Am I right?

My clients come to me absolutely frazzled because they are visionaries. They have BIG dreams. BIG goals, BIG visions for where they want to take their business - but then the "how" to do ALL of it stops them in their tracks.

That's why, my fellow mamapreneur (or heck, even if you are a rockin' kid-free fempreneur you can benefit from these too!)...

Here's 5 Productivity Hacks for you!


1. Take advantage of your most productive time of day.

For me, I'm an early bird. I LOVE my mornings where I'm fresh and creative. I ensure to protect that time as much as humanly possible. 

I've even been known to wake up at 4am once a week or so. And when I do, I get right to work because I'm chipper and my mind is READY!

AND, I also get going (in my PJs and with my tea, of course) because I know that if I DO wake up that early, I will be toast by 2pm...which leads me to Hack #2...

2. Enjoy a catnap.


Numerous studies have shown that taking just a 15-minute catnap can recharge your brain and allow you to stay more mentally alert the rest of the day.

And come on....isn't this one of the sweet advantages to working from home and owning our own business? 

For me, hunkering down with a blanket and my cat on our comfy wrap-around couch for just 15 minutes TOTALLY helps me get those creative juices flowing again for the rest of the day and into the evening.

(Note: Don't take one of those 2-hour drooling-type naps or you WILL be a vegetable the rest of the day).

3. Have a call-free day.

As much as I adore getting on the phone with my clients and colleagues, I love EVEN MORE having my Call-Free Thursdays. I take extra measures so that I DON'T plan any calls those days.

I LOVE having a large block of time to work on my biz (instead of in it), to tackle bigger client projects that require a lot of focus and to have breathing space to play with my creative muse and get into my zone of genius.

4. Put it ALL on your calendar.

You should see my calendar.

Between my kids' activities, client calls, workouts, date nights, client projects and more - it's FULL.

But it's all in one place.

I KNOW that if I block out time for my kickboxing class, I'm going to go to it.

Same for client work: I'll block of an hour or two here for this client and an hour there for that client.

For me, SEEING it all in one spot helps me always know where I should be and what needs to happen when.

AND - if something doesn't get done - I don't beat myself up. I just move it to a later date!

5. Fall in love with Google Drive.

I'm an organized girl.

I used to ADORE my Franklin Covey leather bound planner where I could list my to-do's and prioritize them and check them off.

Now that I'm all digital, to compliment my calendar system, I have fallen head over heels in love with Google Drive.

I have shared folders for all of my clients, where we can both easily access and edit coaching call notes, marketing copy, marketing calendars, images, files and so much more.

It's seriously the best free project management/content suppository tool that I have found.

My brothers and I are even using it to jointly coordinate my parents' move (and we're in 5 states!).

Google Drive keeps me on track, because I can always check the notes from client calls (in which we outline our to-do's). I also can get email notifications when my clients have edited something I need to see.

AND the fact that I can be on a client call AND both my client and I are editing the same doc at the same time? It's way cool.

I know you're a massive multitasker like me.

You're a powerhouse woman entrepreneur, after all!

Try at least one of these hacks and see how it works for you this week!