Because amazing people do not just happen...

It's only 9:00am here and I've already answered 20 emails, fed and taken 2 kids to 2 different schools, called the car repair place, mapped out my day and had some tea.

And that's just the beginning....

Yesterday I had a 12+ hour day that alternated non-stop between my mom duties and my business, all while trying to fit in some self care.

Let's face it. Being a solopreneur is tough.

Not only are you trying to do the work that you actually created your business for, you have to put on hats such as

Salesperson Marketer Bookkeeper Social Media Expert Tech Gal Customer Service Graphic Designer Strategist or Biz Planner

not to mention

Mom Wife or Girlfriend Friend Daughter


Doesn't it just make you exhausted?

I know it does for me (see my frantic morning above)

But here's the thing. We need to change the way we see the "solo" in solopreneur.

Because amazing people don't just happen.

And they definitely don't happen alone.


Like how often do you feel frazzled at trying to keep up with your money flowing in and out?

How frustrated do you get when you can't figure out how to tweak that one thing on your website?

Isn't is crazy maddening when you know you need to write a newsletter, but you stare at your computer clueless as to what to say?

And who is supposed to help you figure out how to turn your business dreams for 2016 into reality?

We can't do it all alone.

You know they say it takes a village?


We ALL need support for various pieces of our biz.

We all need people who have our back - who make us feel as if we're not so alone in this online arena.

As we all sit in our home offices in this virtual workplace, we HAVE to rely on those people who hold a bigger vision for us.

The cheerleaders who give us a pat on the back when we most need it.

The helpers who can help us with a skill that we detest.

The guides who listen to where we want to go and support us.

It takes a village.

And it's the ONLY way we're going to thrive.

I know how much you want to do it alone.

You are strong, driven and DETERMINED.

I am too. But when I ask for help,


I am even MORE DRIVEN.

And my DETERMINATION goes through the roof.

Because I can focus on what lights ME up - and get help with the rest.

And that feels amazing.

Here's a challenge for this week:

Find one area of your business or life where you can ask for help.

Is it your spouse or partner who can take up some slack around the house or just be a listening ear?

Is it that friend or colleague who offered to take you out to lunch to see how they can support you?

Is it a coach or mentor who can help you stretch yourself?

Is it a VA, web designer, videographer?

You'll see that not all these cost money.

I dare you to get creative.

Ask for one little piece of support.

And get ready to receive.

Because we can't do it all alone.

Solopreneur CAN'T equal solo.

To your village of support.

P.S. Personally, I've been allowing my clients to take the "solo" out of solopreneur in so many exciting ways lately. Take a look.