Announcing: A Get-It-Done Virtual Planning Retreat

We've all been guilty of having good intentions to do something important.

Like cleaning out the garage.

Or flossing.

Or finishing that online program for our business that sounded so great.

I'm guilty of this too.  I, like so many of you (I know because you tell me) have purchased some kind of e-book, online product, or virtual program to help you with your marketing, sales, copywriting, etc. and then

It sits on the shelf and collects dust


It never even gets downloaded

And that's just frustrating, isn't it?  It's like a wasted investment!

We have every intention of getting around to it someday, but someday never gets here.

That's why I'm on a mission to get you in action a whole new way.

I'm THRILLED to announce

The Launch Pad is a 4-hour virtual retreat and a Get-It-Done Day for you to create a powerful marketing strategy and clear cut plan for 2014.

Yep – for 4 hours on January 8 we’re going get down to business – together.

Imagine spending 4 hours together with other smart strategic girls where you will walk away with

  • Clarity on how to market 2 or 3 of your signature programs or products in 2014.  (Don't worry - you'll get a workbook to help you whiteboard out your brilliant ideas before we begin).
  • Your own personalized (and filled out) marketing calendar - so that you know what's going to happen when.
  • The confidence to know that this time your launch or promotion will be different - because you'll be empowered with some clear-cut strategies that work.

The Launch Pad - a 2014 Virtual Planning Retreat is different.

Because we're going to be in real-time via webinar, I'm going to be supporting you every step of the way so that you walk away with your 2014 vision and marketing goals mapped out and done.

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else"   - Yogi Berra

This retreat is designed to support you in bringing the business goals that - so far you've only been dreaming about - to life.  It's going to give you enough clarity to follow through - yet going to be stretchy enough to adapt to tweaks as the year goes on.

Here's the schedule:

Each hour we'll go through one of these 4 modules.

Planning - to truly visualize WHAT products or programs to promote in 2014.

Promotion - how you're going to get the word out in a way that's powerful but feels right.

Practicality - so you'll know exactly what pieces you need to to do pull this off.

Process - how to drill down to turn the big to-do items into do-able baby steps.

Each module includes 15 minutes of content by me and 20 minutes of Q&A time.  You'll then have 15 minutes of Get-It-Done time and a 10 minute break.

Take a look to learn more:

Join me. This could be just thing you have been CRAVING in your business, but you just didn’t know where to start.


Invest in your business now

in December - and then you can earn the right to forget about it until January!

Then get ready to Get-It-Done on January 8 and for 2014 to be your best year yet!

To empowering to you to grow your business in a whole new way.


P.S. Take a look at all the details of The Launch Pad Virtual Retreat here and be sure to join us.