Announcing the Be A Launch Queen Group Program!

WOWEE!  It's been an awesome week sharing with so many of you about how to Be A Launch Queen!If you weren't able to attend the free calls, you can listen to the replay here.

On these calls, not only did I share how launching is do-able (yes, even if you're new) and necessary -  the world needs to hear what you've got!

You are amazing, talented women solopreneurs - and I know that you are ready to reach clients all over the world (and make a great living doing it).

So what is stopping you from launching your genius?

Maybe you are afraid that if you do it, it won't work.

Maybe you are scared silly to be truly visible in the marketplace.

Maybe all the moving pieces (like below) are just way too much!

That's why I'm so excited to share with you a do-able, effective, and supportive way to get your launch plan in motion!

Announcing.......The Be A Launch Queen Virtual Group Program!

This is a 6-week group coaching program to empower you to magnetically attract YOUR ideal audience around the globe with an online product launch.

In just 6 weeks, you will have the plan and the next steps you have been looking for to find clients online and change the world in your pajamas.

You will be able to plan an execute your next launch like a queen!  Take a look here:

It's time!  You're ready!  I'm inviting you to step up to meet your tribe.  It's a crime if you don't!

This is truly the most efficient way to work with me - and you'll be in a community of supportive fellow launchers as well!  It's a no brainer!

I invite you in.  Let's feel the fear and do it anyway.

Your people will thank you!

And - step on it now so you can get the early bird discount.  :)

To no more hiding out - it's YOUR time.


P.S. Get in on the early bird discount before Monday Sept 16 at midnight CT.