You are meant for a bigger pond

Hey rock star  - Yep - I said rock star!

I know you are OFF THE CHARTS amazing because you are a female entrepreneur.  And being an entrepreneur and building your own business takes GUTS. 

It takes dedication, persistence and above all, passion.

I know you have an amazingly big heart too.  You are probably on a mission to help others live better lives, and you know what? The world needs you!

So why are you playing small?

You know what I mean.  Playing small means staying "safe" in your business.  You're doing what's comfortable, like waiting for that referral to come in, or tweaking one more page on your website.

Playing small means hovering under the radar.  It means not being too visible because it's too scary!

You may have been getting just enough business through word of mouth to limp along.  And the thought of "going bigger" with your marketing yourself makes you want to throw up.

You may have actually tried to launch a product or program and it didn't go so well so now you feel like a failure.  You may have gotten totally tapped out and overwhelmed in the process and you are thinking "I'll NEVER do that AGAIN!" 

You may be dreaming of how to reach more clients, but the thought of "How-the-heck-am-I-going-to-find-them?" makes you want to mope and eat chocolate.

And I'm going to be honest.  It's much easier to stay comfortable in our business and do the same things over and over.  Marketing yourself with a product launch may sound HARD and TERRIFYING.

But you know what? You are meant for a bigger pond!

And to do that you're going to have to do things a little differently than you've done before.

Your ideal clients are OUT THERE.  They may be across the world, or they may be in your backyard.  Either way, they may be desperately looking for someone like you but can't find you.

They maybe be Googling or looking on YouTube or social media and not finding what they need.

In order for you to connect with them, you need to step up your game.

You need to launch your product or program and declare that this is what you do!

I regularly get contacted by potential clients all across the world.  And you know what - it feels AMAZING.

When I was seeing clients locally and in person, it was great.  But I knew that I wanted to take my business online and not be limited by geography. 

I knew I wanted to leverage the internet and connect to amazing women all over the planet.

My product launches established me and got me connected to my "tribe" - my ideal clients. 

Now I not only have a thriving business but I know that my mission of empowering successful women entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms is coming true.

And that makes me so happy I could cry.

I want that for you!

Over 185 of you listened to my recent 3 Part Master Class to

For those of you who did, I know that you are desperately looking for a bigger pond.

I have been enrolling some of you BIG FISH women into my 90 Day Get Launched Intensive so that TOGETHER we are make your bigger pond a reality (and a lucrative one!).

And, I just couldn't stand not re-opening the doors to you again. I want YOU to get my proven launch plan (one that ZINGS, I'm told!) and my guidance so that you can do it - without throwing up or getting off the deep end with stress and overwhelm.

So I’m opening up my calendar for 5 more Step Into Launch Success Discovery Sessions.

I'm calling you out here, because I know you were meant for bigger things.  Let's talk and dream into your big pond - together!

Apply here – and I’m only taking these applications through midnight on Tuesday, May 21.

It's time - are you going to step up?


P.S.  Apply to talk with me and let's get you reaching the people who desperately need you.