3 Steps to Bust Through Biz Resistance (when the holidays are so distracting!)

Holy Cannoli - I haven't connected with you in a while!

It's not that I haven't been busy...

In October I began a brand new Make Your Mark Mastermind group with some amazing ladies.

I've continued to work with private clients who are wanting to step up their marketing in an easy yet effective way.

And in November I hosted my first ever live retreat in Austin to finish up the Make Your Mark Mastermind group that began last Spring.

At the retreat we had a great mix of biz coaching plus mindset shifting.

Here we are purging old truths, and creating new ones.

  We had plenty of time to network and brainstorm unofficially (where sometimes the greatest ideas happen!)

But amidst all these good things, I've been distracted...

Part of that is personal (more on that another time) and part of that is feeling some massive resistance towards making strides in my biz!

Me?  The Get-It-Done-Girl?  

YEP!  Even me.

Lately I haven't felt those creative juices flowing and it's been like pulling teeth to work on my biz!

I find myself cleaning A LOT these days.

And spending too much time window shopping online.

And napping.

And finding ways to fill my time with things OTHER than working on my business.

At our retreat we talked a lot about resistance, and it made me realize just how HUGE it plays out in our businesses (even mine).

We talked about Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art and his definition of resistance.

He states that resistance is simply a force of nature - it's not out to get you personally!

Everyone experiences it, and it acts as a counterweight to you accomplishing that creative "thing" you're dreaming about. (Whether it's building your business or painting or writing, etc)

He says the bigger the dream, the more resistance you will feel!  

WOW - I love this concept, because it takes the guilt and shame away. (Ever feel awful over your lack of inspiration or willpower?  That's resistance!)

When we feel resistance, that it means that what we are working on is BIG and IMPORTANT that needs to be created.

As I've fought with this pesky resistance myself lately, I used 3 things to help me bust through it and get going again (based on The War of Art), and I wanted to share them with you.

1.  Don't let resistance and procrastination become a habit

In The War of Art on page 22 it states, "The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit.  We don't just put off our lives today, we put them off till our deathbed.Never forget - at this very moment, we can change our lives.  There was never a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny.  This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance.This second, we can sit down and do our work."

WOW .  OK Stephen - I took your advice and decided to stop this newly-formed-bad-habit of cleaning surfing, napping etc. instead of working on my business.  

Time to snap out of it!

2.  Know that resistance can be beaten

Page 57 states,"If Resistance couldn't be beaten, there would be no Fifth Symphony, no Romeo and Juliet, no Golden Gate Bridge.  Defeating Resistance is like giving birth.  It seems absolutely impossible until you remember that women have been pulling it off successfully, with support and without, for fifty million years."

LOL - so true!  If I can birth and raise 2 beautiful, intelligent and perfectly capable babies, then I can surely conquer that darn resistance that I have been feeling and get on with my biz planning….Take that, Resistance!

3.  Be a professional about it


Page 64 states that "by performing the mundane physical act of sitting down and starting to work, [we] set in motion a mysterious but infallible sequence of events that would product inspiration" and "If [we] build it, [they] will come.

Yup.  We gotta just do it.  So I cleared my calendar for a morning, packed my computer bag and headed to my favorite tea shop where I love to write.  

I mentally prepared myself and just sat down to work.  It wasn't so pretty at first - I was kinda rusty but now I'm super inspired for what's coming up for me in 2015!

It must be BIG because of the amount of resistance I felt.  (Which makes me SUPER excited!)

 I'll be sharing more with you about a way I can support you with this in the New Year!

As you wrap up the year - shopping wrapping, celebrating and more - and you feel that pesky resistance and procrastination kick in - read this blog post again to help you work through it (and know that you are not alone in feeling it!)
Until then - wishing you peace and joy!Heather

[SUMMER SALE TODAY] Polish My Program in 90 minutes

I'm SO excited!  In June I had a spur of the moment idea to offer a one-and-done summer sale on a 90-minute session with me.

And it turned out AWESOMELY!  

As my client Sara said, "90-minutes with you is NOT like 90-minutes with anyone else, Heather.  We got SO much done!"

I enjoyed the VIP sessions from the sale so much that I decided to do it again this month!

Many of us are finding the summer flying by with family vacations, hanging out by the pool, trying to entertain the kids and more...

What better way to be strategic with your biz this summer (while also having a life) than to have a one-and-done private coaching session?

This is perfect for you if you've been 

  • waiting untilyour coaching program is written and figured out before you do anything else
  • wondering how you can customize a done-for-you purchased program
  • hearing crickets chirping and seeing glazed eyes when you tell people about every.single.detail of your program
  • dying to STAND OUT from your peers and get more clients!

That's why I'm thrilled to announce

The Polish My Program 90-Minute VIP Intensive SALE

What is the Polish My Program 90-Minute VIP Intensive?

This Skype intensive is a private VIP coaching session (yep just you and me!) in my signature interview style, brought to you in a one-and-done virtual session.

It's a powerful way to get that fresh pair of eyes on your program - so that you can polish it and more effectively (or finally!) market it.

It's a way to work smarter! I'll help you get CRYSTAL clear on how to communicate about your program so you can sell more and get back to what you really love, which is coaching.

Here's how it works...

  1. I'll send you a Program Prep sheet for you to get your best ideas down before our session.
  2. When we meet by Skype, I share my screen so that we "whiteboard out" your program as we organize and polish it.  (No worries, I'll be curious and ask questions to help you along the way)
  3. You'll walk away with a professional (yet juicy!) program outline and you'll be crystal clear on the value and the benefits you provide. 
  4. In addition to detailed notes of our session (where I put my strategic organization to good use!), you'll receive my Program Brochure Template so that you can polish up the wording for your program and sell more.
  5. As a special bonus, you'll receive 1 month of  f.r.e.e. copywriting support from me to finalize any finishing touches!

Only $297 (a $497 value)

July 29 and 30 only

Purchase now and you'll be able to use your session through September 15, 2014.

This is the last sale I will be offering for a while - I know you won't want to miss out!

To your professionally polished program,


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This one thing could totally shift your perception around marketing….

I'm so excited!  I just got off Skype with Chris, the first Message Multiplier VIP client from my 48-hour sale. Chris brought some tricky "I'm stuck and I don't like marketing" issues to the table, but in our short time together she had 2 major a-ha's:

1.  She realized that she had been summarizing her services to potential clients.

You know - where she tried to condense what she said she did into such a tight package that all she got was glazed eyes….

Through us diving deeper into what's REALLY going on for her potential clients, she began to realize that she wasn't really connecting with them.  She was talking AT them rather than WITH them.

I interviewed her more and together we came up with tangible and relatable stories for her to help potential clients feel as if "she gets me!"

Now she's fired up to talk to potential clients in a whole new way - one that will engage with them in authentically yet powerfully.

2.  She was getting really frustrated with her approach to finding referral partners.

She was feeling as if these potential partners weren't valuing her services - even though she knew her coaching was so needed.  (It even brought up some of her own internal gunk to talk to these people.  Who needs that?)

As she talked about this struggle, I coached her to explore an entirely new approach.

I could literally "see" the light club go off as she realized that she was connecting to the wrong referral partners!

She's now ready to create a whole new "ideal partner" profile and is excited to find these partners who she LOVES to work with!

Want to have a-ha's like Chris? 

Chris knew the value of getting 1:1 coaching and a fresh pair of eyes on her business.

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To your OWN a-ha's:


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You are a marketing genius.

You just didn't know it until now.

As professional marketer, an experienced coach and a strategic thinker, and I’m here to tell you that you are already a thought leader in your industry!

You already HAVE your amazing ideas, but when it comes time to write a blog post, connect on social media in a professional way or think of a title for a talk, you get stuck.

So you go clean the bathroom, surf Facebook for “just a sec” or eat some dark chocolate, hoping for inspiration to hit.

But your monkey mind creeps in instead….

  • "I had a great brainstorm the other day – now why when I sit down to write – it is so frickin’ hard?”
  • “I have this awesome talk that I did  way back when – how can I dust it off and reuse it in different ways?”
  • “I see other people using social media for business – how can I do that?”
  • “How the heck can I stand out in the crowd and get clients to come knocking on my door?”

The truth is that you just need someone to help you pull out your great content.

How would it feel to have several months’ worth of blog post topics, social media posts and all-around CLARITY on how you can get heard in this busy marketplace?

How would it feel to get a fresh pair of eyes on your ideas and your business (all without leaving your house) so you can have a burst of clarity in June that will set you up to meet (or exceed) your 2014 sales goals?

Here's the thing:  Great marketing is a consistent, powerful message over time.  

Think of how many times you have watched that Coca-Cola commercial or heard about who is going to sing on American Idol.  You may not drink Coca-Cola or watch American Idol, but you KNOW that they are there and you recognize their brand.

It's time for people to know you and your business in that same way...

Great marketing for your business should pack a punch, and that won't happen with one email or blog post (which is what, I hate to say, so many of you do!).

That's why I'm SO excited to offer a simple and affordable way to leverage your message and pull our your brilliance - so you can EXECUTE that marketing genius inside of you!

Beginning tomorrow, I am offering a 48-hour sale to help you

leverage your existing content

amplify your message

call in your tribe

Stay tuned tomorrow (bright and early) where I will share the whole scoop.  I can't WAIT to empower you to use these sunny, breezy days of summer to know EXACTLY how you are going to hit it hard with your message as you elevate your business this fall!

"Heather’s private coaching sessions have been phenomenal!! So much juicy stuff comes from them that I hadn’t been able to get on paper on my own. I have been feeling blocked when it comes to creating anything and now I have outlines for 2 things I’ve thought about creating for a year.”

- Dana Garced, www.ichingforchange.com

To amplifying your brilliant message,


How getting contacts for my eyes equaled THIS for my business...

I had a milestone today - I put in my new contacts with with ease!   Big Whoop, you say?   Stay with me...

You see - for 99% of my life I have had perfect vision.  I prided myself on my great eyesight as a child when my brother Andrew needed glasses.

I laughed at my "blind" husband when he stumbled to the bathroom at night (sans glasses or contacts).

I was sad to see my daughter get glasses - even though I knew "she had her dad's bad eyes" (and of course not mine!)

But for me - I had 20/20 and was thrilled that that part of me was OK.

Until last year….

I started not being able to read things as well as I used to.

My phone got blurry - and I got frustrated.

So - I succumbed to a vision check and found that I needed reading glasses.  I was horrified about granny glasses so I finally found some stylish blue (my brand color!) ones and thought, "OK - I can do this!"

But I started wearing them more and more.  I found that I felt kind of fuzzy without them - like I wasn't quite "with it" because I couldn't see clearly.

Which made me think, "What's so bad about getting help for my eyes?  Why do so many people think reading glasses are bad?  Don't other people want to see (and feel) more clearly?"

I see SO many women my age and older only wearing glasses when they "have to."

For me - that was cah-ray-zee because I was always misplacing my glasses and running all over the place to find them.

Which made me think, "Why not contacts?"  Those things could be attached to my eyes ALL DAY!  No more losing them.

But I was scared.  

I watched my daughter put hers in and frankly, I was terrified and repulsed at the same time.  

Terrified because I didn't know how.

Repulsed because I would have to touch…my…eye.  Eeewww!

But I knew I needed to change.

I wanted to see clearly, and I wanted to stop giving my brain a hiccup every time I changed between my normal vision and glasses (which was multiple times/day).

So I got contacts.  And the first time I put them in it took me over 15 tries!  And I was frustrated.

I thought I could do it on my own.

But after spending 30 minutes one day trying to put in ONE CONTACT, I had to admit that I needed more help.

I reached out the the nurse for tips.  I watched my daughter and asked her for her special technique.

AND I practiced.

Now - I LOVE MY CONTACTS!  I can see clearly and I'm proud of myself for reaching out for help.

Now why am I telling you all of this?

Because we women (especially us women entrepreneurs) can be stubborn.

We GLOAT to our peeps when we have a good month (even though we've had lots of sucky months).

We SAY we have this business thing all together (even though deep down we  have no idea what the heck we're doing most of the time).

We ABSORB information everywhere - free opt in gifts, telesummits and more (even though we know what we really need to do is just cut through the crap and implement the good parts).

You could say we're in denial and have poor vision in our business.

I know for me - that I continually crave help as an entrepreneur.

I LOVE having "contacts" (a.k.a. a fresh pair of eyes) on my business.

I adore having a coach AND a community to help me celebrate the good things in my business and support me in tweaking what's not quite working yet.

I love this kind of support so much that I created the Make Your Mark Mastermind.  for my fellow women entrepreneurs.

I have been told over and over again that my calm yet strategic approach to business is just what my scattered, overwhelmed and perfectionist clients need...

The women who are perfect for this group want to

  • go from questioning everything (and feeling like a fraud) to confidently and powerfully making successful business decisions so that when they get into a situation and worry about it for days and days and stay stuck - instead they can quickly make that decision and move on.
  • stop floundering and ground themselves in a solid foundation of marketing and business support, so that they can respond more powerfully to potential clients and will be READY to the next big opportunity to comes their way.
  • to feel in fluidity and like “I’ve got it!” in their business so that they don’t wake up every morning thinking, “Crap – I was anticipating a great sales month but it's not happening - now what?”

My next group begins in June and I am looking to fill the last 2 spots for this amazing hybrid of group and private coaching  And  - get this - it DOESN'T cost the price of a car.

Are you ready to get the foundational marketing and business support in a supportive community - one that you are secretly craving?  Let's talk!

I am opening up my calendar for 3 lucky women next week.  But - I am not looking for a casual chat.  

I am looking for those who are truly ready to sink into who they are as business owners.  Apply here - and if I think you could be a wonderful asset to this group, I'll contact you to talk further. To your powerful self (who knows deep down that a little help is a good thing!)


P.S.  Intrigued by this mastermind group?  It could be just the thing you have been craving in your business. Take a look and apply now.