How getting contacts for my eyes equaled THIS for my business...

I had a milestone today - I put in my new contacts with with ease!   Big Whoop, you say?   Stay with me...

You see - for 99% of my life I have had perfect vision.  I prided myself on my great eyesight as a child when my brother Andrew needed glasses.

I laughed at my "blind" husband when he stumbled to the bathroom at night (sans glasses or contacts).

I was sad to see my daughter get glasses - even though I knew "she had her dad's bad eyes" (and of course not mine!)

But for me - I had 20/20 and was thrilled that that part of me was OK.

Until last year….

I started not being able to read things as well as I used to.

My phone got blurry - and I got frustrated.

So - I succumbed to a vision check and found that I needed reading glasses.  I was horrified about granny glasses so I finally found some stylish blue (my brand color!) ones and thought, "OK - I can do this!"

But I started wearing them more and more.  I found that I felt kind of fuzzy without them - like I wasn't quite "with it" because I couldn't see clearly.

Which made me think, "What's so bad about getting help for my eyes?  Why do so many people think reading glasses are bad?  Don't other people want to see (and feel) more clearly?"

I see SO many women my age and older only wearing glasses when they "have to."

For me - that was cah-ray-zee because I was always misplacing my glasses and running all over the place to find them.

Which made me think, "Why not contacts?"  Those things could be attached to my eyes ALL DAY!  No more losing them.

But I was scared.  

I watched my daughter put hers in and frankly, I was terrified and repulsed at the same time.  

Terrified because I didn't know how.

Repulsed because I would have to touch…my…eye.  Eeewww!

But I knew I needed to change.

I wanted to see clearly, and I wanted to stop giving my brain a hiccup every time I changed between my normal vision and glasses (which was multiple times/day).

So I got contacts.  And the first time I put them in it took me over 15 tries!  And I was frustrated.

I thought I could do it on my own.

But after spending 30 minutes one day trying to put in ONE CONTACT, I had to admit that I needed more help.

I reached out the the nurse for tips.  I watched my daughter and asked her for her special technique.

AND I practiced.

Now - I LOVE MY CONTACTS!  I can see clearly and I'm proud of myself for reaching out for help.

Now why am I telling you all of this?

Because we women (especially us women entrepreneurs) can be stubborn.

We GLOAT to our peeps when we have a good month (even though we've had lots of sucky months).

We SAY we have this business thing all together (even though deep down we  have no idea what the heck we're doing most of the time).

We ABSORB information everywhere - free opt in gifts, telesummits and more (even though we know what we really need to do is just cut through the crap and implement the good parts).

You could say we're in denial and have poor vision in our business.

I know for me - that I continually crave help as an entrepreneur.

I LOVE having "contacts" (a.k.a. a fresh pair of eyes) on my business.

I adore having a coach AND a community to help me celebrate the good things in my business and support me in tweaking what's not quite working yet.

I love this kind of support so much that I created the Make Your Mark Mastermind.  for my fellow women entrepreneurs.

I have been told over and over again that my calm yet strategic approach to business is just what my scattered, overwhelmed and perfectionist clients need...

The women who are perfect for this group want to

  • go from questioning everything (and feeling like a fraud) to confidently and powerfully making successful business decisions so that when they get into a situation and worry about it for days and days and stay stuck - instead they can quickly make that decision and move on.
  • stop floundering and ground themselves in a solid foundation of marketing and business support, so that they can respond more powerfully to potential clients and will be READY to the next big opportunity to comes their way.
  • to feel in fluidity and like “I’ve got it!” in their business so that they don’t wake up every morning thinking, “Crap – I was anticipating a great sales month but it's not happening - now what?”

My next group begins in June and I am looking to fill the last 2 spots for this amazing hybrid of group and private coaching  And  - get this - it DOESN'T cost the price of a car.

Are you ready to get the foundational marketing and business support in a supportive community - one that you are secretly craving?  Let's talk!

I am opening up my calendar for 3 lucky women next week.  But - I am not looking for a casual chat.  

I am looking for those who are truly ready to sink into who they are as business owners.  Apply here - and if I think you could be a wonderful asset to this group, I'll contact you to talk further. To your powerful self (who knows deep down that a little help is a good thing!)


P.S.  Intrigued by this mastermind group?  It could be just the thing you have been craving in your business. Take a look and apply now.