4 simple steps to cook once/eat twice with your marketing

When I was in nutrition school, the taught us of the concept of cook once/eat twice. This is a brilliant way to counteract any complaints (ours OR our clients') of "But I don't have TIME to eat healthy!"

By cooking extra rice, roasting extra veggies or making more healthy food than you need in one meal, you can then have more time later to simply ENJOY the leftovers instead of thinking, "What's for lunch?"

Personally, I LOVE reaching in the fridge at lunchtime for a ready-made kale salad and chowing down.  YUM.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to do that with your marketing?  

Instead of every time you want to write a blog post and thinking, "Now what do it write?" - wouldn't it be FANTASTIC have "leftovers" or a good way to reuse your brilliant ideas?

Here are 4 simple steps to "Cooking once - eating twice" with your marketing!

Because here's a hint:  The average person needs to hear a new concept 7 times before it sinks in.  Great marketing is a consistent, powerful message over time.

1.  Write down one thing that pisses you off about what you see in the marketplace.

Here are some examples:

  • a weight loss coach gets pissed off by women beating themselves up over counting every single calorie and killing themselves at the gym.  She's pissed by the negative mindset that surrounds these women.
  • a marketing coach is pissed off AMAZING women entrepreneurs who are getting burnt out with cookie cutter approaches to marketing.  She pissed by women feeling scattered, distracted and negative around communicating their message.

2.  Write down how your solution to the problem is different.

Here are some examples:

  • the weight loss coach works with pleasure instead of deprivation.  She teaches women to trust their intuition around what and how to eat so that they can bring joy back into their relationship with food.
  • the marketing coach uses a grounded and customized strategy to reveal how easy and empowering communicating their message can be.  She taps into their strengths while guiding them in a powerful plan of action.

3.  Brainstorm 3 teaching points that you can pull from your ideas above.

Here are some examples:

  • the weight loss coach can talk about
    • "adding in" delicious healthy foods instead of taking those favorites away.
    • how to make mealtime a ritual filled with joy  (instead of eating a frozen dinner over the counter).
    • the marketing coach can talk about
      • how to envision your business success in the next 3 months and then how to reverse engineer how to make that happen.
      • how to get into the mind of your ideal client and communicate from that place so they will relate to you.

4.  Brainstorm 3-5 ways to can share those teaching points in various marketing channels.

Here are some examples:

  • the weight loss coach can take the concept of adding in to make a video, write a blog post, and create a signature talk.
  • the marketing coach can talk about getting into the head of your ideal client in a teleseminar, in an infographic and in a 3-part email series.

Pretty simple, huh?  I encourage you to make a "marketing date" with your business by setting aside 30 minutes to get our your journal, brew your favorite tea and journal about these concepts.

Want more hand-holding on EXACTLY how to do this?

I'll be having a 48-hour sale NEXT WEEK on a super affordable one-and-done VIP session  where I'll show you how to use this technique so you'll have a strong consistent message all summer long (and beyond!).

Stay tuned next Tuesday for the scoop (I'm so excited!),