Do you ever feel like you are missing an arm?

I’ve been walking with a spring in my step lately. My head is in a blissful daydream and I am getting charged up. My husband even said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this lit up!” Yep – things are brewing. I have absolutely loved being a health coach and empowering women to take charge of their life for the better.

But sometimes it felt like I was missing an arm.

I was stuffing the get-it-done-corporate girl side of me into an itty bitty cob-webbed corner of me. I didn’t want to see her while I was making yummy food and getting my clients to eat more greens.

I had done the corporate thing for years and it felt stuffy and masculine. I had felt backed into a box when I was there.  I was thinking that with this new healthy and shiny me, that if I brought that side of me out, that I would be feel like I was in a box again. I was having too much fun being feminine and purposeful with my health coaching business!

My business coach told me a while ago that she saw business coaching in my future. She said, “You’re a business coach!” and I said, “No, I’m a health coach!”

But she saw some skills in me that I couldn’t’ see at the time – and she knew they would come in very handy.

I resisted that feedback for a while. But you know what? Women DID come to me for advice on how to do a newsletter, how I got my programs out into the marketplace, how I do my social media, and more.

They saw something in me that I was trying to hide.

So, after a perfect storm of “what kind of coach am I?” dilemma, I have been diving into my business diva more and more, but I’m doing it in a feminine and purposeful (and of course healthy) way.

I’m like a busy squirrel behind the scenes prepping and honing my business coaching method.   And we're getting amazing results.


  Here I am with some of my amazing entrepreneurial tribe - we were masterminding on the patio!

This isn’t ANYTHING like my corporate days.

And you know what? This new zig (in the zag) feels amazing.

This new all-of-me Heather is on fiyah.

So, for all of you health coaches and conscious female entrepreneurs out there – stay tuned for a KILLER online event coming in December – hosted by yours truly.

More info to come on that, but I know you’re going to want to join me.

Can’t wait to learn more about the biz Heather? Contact me and let’s chat. I’ll fill ya in.

Until then – this chic is gonna go sizzle some more.

To your whole self,


Skinny Jeans Casual small
Skinny Jeans Casual small