Do you have launch jitters?

You keep hearing from your business mentors that you need to do a "launch" in order to get the clients and the income that you want. But what if you are STUCK from actually doing one because you have fear, hesitation, or confusion?

A launch is a power-packed LIGHTENING BOLT of focused marketing for a limited amount of time to get your product or program filled with clients (so you can make money).

For some - it just sounds exciting.  To others it sounds daunting, overwhelming and downright scary.  You know it's a proven method for making money, yet you can't wrap your brain around it.

And yet you know that by NOT launching, that you are not reaching your ideal clients, not filling up your program, and not making the money that you want to make.

But what to do?  And how to get over these jitters?  Here are 3 concerns I commonly hear from my clients:

1.  I'm afraid of being "out there" and visible

You may be feeling like you are uncomfortable with marketing yourself.  You may be afraid of failing at this (and then everyone will know!).  You may be feeling like you will be "bugging" your audience with your message.

I hear you.  And yet I’d like to offer you the thought that you have a GIFT to share with the marketplace.  You are enough - right now.  And, if you are not reaching your ideal clients, then you are doing them a disservice by NOT sharing your message more powerfully.

2.  I'm not sure what to launch

You may have a great idea of your new program or product but need to flesh out some details before you make the next move.

While it's great to get clear on your program, it's also important to begin planning your upcoming launch (because a little fire under your tush is a sure fire way to get you in motion!)

3.  I am overwhelmed with marketing

Websites, emails, videos, social media - sometimes it just all seems too much.  You don't understand how much you should be doing or how to do it or even what to say.

Yes – there are a lot of different ways to get your audience’s attention. Marketing is really just a conversation with your target market.  Begin with the mindset of telling your friend a great tip or secret, and then get support on the areas where you are confused.

Do you need to talk through your launch jitters?

I have just 2 more spots for Clear the Fear So I Can Launch Planning Sessionsfor January.  Let's talk for 45 minutes and get clear those jitters - whatever they are (and we all have them!) - so that you can get the clients you crave in 2013.

Get the details and book your session here:

To your marketing success (and getting rid of those nagging jitters!)


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