Do you have these 8 habits that remarkably successful people have?

Happy Monday , I came across this article from Inc. Magazine on 8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do and I just had to share it with you.

It resonates with me so much because many of these habits are EXACTLY the ones we will be cultivating in The Launch Pad - A Get-It-Done Virtual Retreat that will be held this Wednesday, January 8.

The Inc. article gives these 8 habits for successful people, and #2, #5 and #7 especially stuck out at me:

1.  They don't create back-up plans2.  They do the work…3.  …and they work a lot more4.  They avoid the crowds5.  They start at the end…6.  …and they don't stop there7.  They sell8.  They are never too proud

I'm curious - how do you measure up with these 8 habits?  

How would you like to improve on them in 2014?

How about starting with reserving 4 hours for your business this Wednesday to

  • Start at the end - to envision where you are headed in 2014 (so you know how you are going to get there).
  • Do the work - map out how you are going to get there so you can execute confidently.
  • Sell - know how to spread the word so that your business can grow.

Join us to do just that:

The Launch Pad is a 4-hour virtual retreat and a Get-It-Done Day for you to create a powerful marketing strategy and clear cut plan for 2014.

THIS WEDNESDAY, January 8, 2014

9am - 1 pm PT/12pm - 4pm ET

“Heather is truly excited about sharing her secrets and it shows in every way she communicates– from her class greetings, to her participation in our Facebook group, as well as the workbooks she created for us to use.”

Lori Brier

“I cannot recommend Heather enough because she has the perfect blend of gentleness and incredible coaching skills, get-it-done step-by-step logistics, and business experience to get my butt in gear and help my business blossom!” Michelle White Hart

“Heather is brilliant at helping me to map out an achieveable schedule and documenting it so that I can refer back to it and know my goals and target dates. With her knowledgable and organized approach, she helped me to reduce the overhwlem out of my marketing process.”


Isn't your business worth 4-hours of dreaming + strategy to make 2014 your best year yet?  Sign up now.

To creating YOUR successful habits for 2014,


P.S. The deadline for signing up for this Get-It-Done Day is TOMORROW.  Join us.