Ever wish you had this?

As I sit down to write marketing copy for my upcoming launch (shhh - I cannot wait to tell you more very soon!) I am taking myself through the creative writing exercises that I take my clients through.  And you know what?

Writing marketing copy can be hard!

Even for me - sometimes - and I have have been in marketing for over 10 years.

I find myself wanting to do something else.

I discover distractions so I can put it off.

I want to check in with someone else to say, "What do you think?"  Is this compelling?

It makes me wish I had a clone.

When I am in this "Is this right?" frame of mind - I tell myself to breathe and trust my instincts.  I don't over-think it because I'm really good at this and I have years of experience.

I often come back to my writing after a pause and I think, "Wow, Heather - that's really good!"

Or, if I run it by a colleague or client, their ears perk up and they say, "I want that!"

But many of you don't feel that way.

You may spend HOURS writing just one email (out of the 10+ I recommend for a successful launch) and think - Holy Cow!  This is HARD!  

You may think 

I feel like my words sound forced and inauthentic - how can I sound more like me?

I'm not really sure that I am truly touching on what my tribe is feeling.

I just want to have a marketing jam session with someone who is good at this so I can feel more confident about this.

If that's you - if you are craving to connect in a more authentic way so that marketing doesn't feel so forced and so stiff -  then this is for you:

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Yep - a marketing jam just for you.  A private session to dive DEEP and to get my encouraging but tough love feedback.

Because let's face it:  You already ARE a marketer!  Every time you talk about your business you are marketing it.

A launch is really just you getting super excited and talking (marketing) about your services in a really powerful way.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know that you are truly "in your lane" with what to say?

How empowering would it be to sit down to write an email for your launch and know that "I've got this!"

What would your launch feel like if you went into it with clarity and confidence because you have a handle on your marketing copy - rather than feeling stressed and like your launch may flop because you can't keep up with all the stuff you need to write?

This 2-hour VIP option is a done-with-you service where I’m here to help you get clarity and provide my magic marketing feedback. You’ll leave with

  • 10 new blog or newsletter topics to use for your launch - (or in getting your feet wet in just THINKING about a launch!)
  • 5 new ideas on how to use social media to get more people to engage
  • Clarity on how exactly to relate to your tribe

so you can eliminate the overwhelm and be empowered to write in a way that works for you.

This is the very first step in my brand new signature Get Launched system.  I'm on a mission to empower YOU to attract your ideal tribe and I'm breaking it down for you in easy-to-do, digestible steps.

Why not be proactive this month and take this first step towards marketing yourself in an powerful yet authentic way?

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Your investment: $497

And,  hurry, because during November only:

You will receive a free 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review session from me after the intensive.

To that marketing jam session you've been craving,


P.S. Take advantage of this VIP Intensivenowand receive a complimentary 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review from me after our intensive.