[Free Template + Master Class] Take Your Content From Messy To Clean

As I look back on the past 3 1/2 years of being an entrepreneur, I have to laugh a little when I think back to the beginning.

It's so funny because I have not only a business degree but nearly a decade of experience in corporate marketing...

Yet when it came to marketing ME - I was terrified! 

I wanted to do it the "right" way.

I was so scared of showing the "real" me and that the real me would fail.

So I sought out course after course.  I heard, "Do it this way and it will work perfectly!"

I wanted THAT!  I wanted it to work perfectly!  So I followed the template EXACTLY.

In fact I combined SEVERAL templates because more is better, right?

I was pumped.  I was DOING THIS – and then I showed my "plug and play marketing copy" to a few friends.  I got poker faces, 

They said, “Heather, this doesn’t sound anything like you!”

They could read the plug and play nature of this.  WOW!

They could feel my stiff, forced energy.

They didn’t feel ME – my vibe. 

And part of that was because I was afraid.  I didn’t think I had permission to be me.  I thought I had to do it "just like this" or I would be rejected!

I did slowly manage to let ME come out more and more.  It wasn’t easy.  I needed a TON of coaching and support, but

the more my authentic voice came out, the more my business grew.

  I brought out my gift of creating concise but relatable stories and the quirky strategic side of me and began helping other women shift from that "I should do it exactly this way" mindset.  That place of "I need to learn more before I can market" and that "I need to stay safe with my copy" and that "I can't be too weird or shine too brightly" mindset.

They were kind of a mess, and their marketing efforts reflected that.

They were trying to color within the lines.  And, in a crowded marketplace that is the online world – that doesn’t really work.

It gets crickets chirping.

It gets overlooked.

It gets people to run of because they don't understand how it works.

Once I began empowering them with finding their own authentic voice - their own passion and personality - and bringing that to the surface, things shifted for them.

They felt more confident in speaking their truth...

They had clear and clean words to say and a plan to follow...

which led to more people being attracted to them...

and that led to more sales... 

and, for the first time, they felt FREE to share even MORE of their gifts with the world.  (And how cool is that?) WOOT!  WOOT!

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I'm not going to show you the "do it this way and it works" method.  Instead, I'm going to empower you to show your TRUE voice - the one that will get you HEARD! 

So get ready to roll up your sleeves, take that messy feeling and turn it into clear confidence!



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