What it means to hold space

My son earned his driver's license recently.

Ever since his 16th birthday back in August I have fielded questions from friends and family about WHEN this will happen.

And I have said, "When he's ready."

Because I know this kid.

He's always done things when HE'S ready - not when I am.

Whether it's been our 36+ hour labor and delivery or potty training or learning how to ride a bike, it's not happening until his internal clock says "go."

And believe me - I've hit my head against the wall way too many times learning this lesson!

But when he's ready, he SOARS. 

So, in the process of him learning to drive, I held space for hIm.

I practiced with him until I knew he could do it.
I talked with him about driving responsibilities until he understood the privileges.
I held the vision of him being an uber-safe and careful driver. 
I loved him.

And, sure enough, this winter he said, "I'm ready to get my license, Mom." 

And I KNEW that he was!

So now - he's a happy owner of a license AND my parents' 2002 Acura that they don't drive anymore, and I am a proud mama who can send my baby to the store for some almond milk.

And this process made me realize that that's just what I do for my clients.

Holding space.

Coaches and therapists do it all the time. But so do partners, friends and more.

To me. holding space means to cheerlead, listen and honor.

It also means we must be patient, present and guide when asked.

It means to help hold the vision of their highest self so that they can step into it.

It's such a GIFT to be a part of!

Because when I hold space for them I am helping them to

  • Bring their creative visions to life
  • Grow super successful businesses doing exactly what they love
  • More more present in their businesses AND their lives

And I couldn't be more honored.

I know that all of this holding space means that I need people to hold space for me too.

Whether it's a weekly gal pal call or Saturday morning walks around the lake with my boyfriend or even my journal - I need this too.

I have my own dreams and goals and desires, just like you.

We ALL need people to hold space for us.

So my challenge for you this week is:

Name the people who hold space for you.

It can be your biz coach, your sister, your hubby or more. It doesn't matter whether they hold space for you personally or professionally (they usually do a little of both!)

Reach out to them and say, "Thank you!"

Recognize the importance that they hold for you.

Rely on them.

And soar!

Need some biz space held for you? Let's chat!