How to avoid feeling too pushy with your marketing

"I have no idea how to talk about this so it doesn't sound pushy""Writing isn't my strong point - I don't know how to put things in marketing-speak"

"I feel like a used car salesman when I sit down to create my sales page!"

Do any of these sound familiar?

You may have learned about the "how-to's" of writing email sequences that sell, creating stories to engage your audience, and mapping out a launch timeline - all in the name of "good" marketing.

And you can get it - but it doesn't mean that you like it.

You have been following the marketing checklist or the template that you've been given, but something feels off...

Your heart is screaming - I'm being too pushy!

It feels forced.

It feels gimmicky.

It feels inauthentic.

Your husband reads it and says, "This doesn't sound anything like you!"

I hear you.  And it doesn't have to be that way.

Honestly, the best marketing comes from your heart.

It comes from when you have an inspired hour after walking your dog and you sit down to write what pours out of you.

It comes when you are waiting to pick up your kids.

It comes in the shower.

THAT copy.  THAT language.  THAT intention can never be pushy.

Yet it's very hard to get encouraged to write like that in the group program world.

In that world you may not have anyone to encourage those moments.

You may not receive the gentle nudge of "Tell me more about this" (because that's where the authentic part is).

You probably won't have anyone personally look at your copy as you work together and say, "THIS sounds like you!  It's so much better"

But now you can.

The Polish + Promote My Program Jumpstart is your personalized ticket to getting to the good stuff.

It's a better way to create marketing copy from the heart. 

It's YOUR space to be able to say it like it is - and get a marketer to pull it out and help you package it up.

Here’s what the Polish My Program Jumpstart Includes: 

1.  One 90-minute Polish My Program Coaching Session with Heather ($499 value)

We’ll take a fresh look at your offering and not only find your authentic voice, but nail your benefits in a way that is simple, clean and clear.

2. One 45-minute Promote My Program Coaching Session with Heather ($199 value) 

>After we get clear on what you’re offering, we’ll create a custom “how to get this out there” plan just for you – whether it’s a series of emails in a campaign, a list of places to take your signature talk, social media posts, or a little of all of the above.

3.  Polish My Program Prep Sheet ($99 value)

This is your prep work to bring to our first meeting – it’s designed to help us hit the ground running in our Skype or phone  sessions (and get more done!)

4.  Program Brochure Template ($99 value)

My clients love this handy guideline to use after our 90-minute session to truly refine and get crystal clear on the benefits of their program.  It totally helps your marketing be polished yet compelling.

5.  Promotion Timeline and Action Plan ($99 value)

You’ll leave with a custom plan of action that suits your marketing style while matching your intentions for your promotion.

6.  30 Days Unlimited Copywriting Support by Email (priceless)

As we are working together, you’ll have the freedom to send me sales pages, email copy, social media posts and more .  I’m happy to proof them as I put on my marketing brain and give them a sprucing up.  My clients are ALWAYS happy with the results.

Best of all?  This program can be done completely via Skype or phone, from the comfort of your home!

Total value:  $995

Your investment on January 28 and 29 only:  

$497 pay in full  or 2 payments of $275

What would your heart say if you gave it this gift?  One where you could truly speak your authentic voice and turn it into great marketing?  

This sale is only valid through midnight CT TONIGHT.  Purchase now.


P.S.  Unsure if this is the right fit for you?  

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