How to bust through these 3 annoying content creation blocks

I spent an amazing weekend in Dallas at Nathalie Lussier's Off The Charts event.  Here I am with my good friend and colleague Marcie Mauro:

As I was talking with awesome women entrepreneurs, I heard this theme over and over again:

How do you get over writer's block in your biz?

Eeesh - we all get it, right?I heard three top blocks that come up to smack us in the face and STOP us from spreading our message in a bigger way, and I wanted to address them today (and show you how to get OVER them already!)

Content block #1:  Perfectionism

The "I can't send it out until it's perfect" feeling. 

You've got a FABULOUS idea.  You've been working and working on it.

But you want to tweak it a little more.  You want to spiff it up just a tad.  When will it be good enough?

Bust-through tip: Follow the 2-Look Rule

It doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be perfect.  None of us are.

Give yourself 2 passes at writing something. Write it. Go away. Then come back and look at it with fresh eyes.

You'll want to change it tomorrow or next week. And that's OK.  For today - it's your message and the beauty of the internet is that things can be changed in a snap.

So no more perfecting it, OK?


Hit send.

You are awesome.

Content block #2: Lack of clarity

The "I want to talk about this - but also this - and this!" syndrome...

You've got this GREAT idea (or maybe 5) in your head that you want to talk about in your biz.

But you don't really know how to sort through all the gunk.

When you start to write you get way too wordy or you clam up and can't write anything.

Bust-through tip:Get an outside perspective.

A good coach or colleague can be an active sounding board and can reflect back to you the core of your message.

We ALL need this (myself included).

We get SO stuck in our own head creating this magnificent version of ourselves and our message that we need some grounding - someone who is not so close to the real thing - who can actively listen and give feedback.

You ARE a genius - but don't share your messy genius - clean it up.  :)

Content block #3: Second guessing yourself

This is the case of the "I'm not good enough so who would read this anyway?"

Ever feel that way? Wondering if anyone else resonates with you?  Worrying if they will understand, respond, or even open it?

So you don't write it.  Or you write it but don't send it.

Bust through tip:Stop being a thief and get a cheerleader.

By NOT sharing your amazing message, you are actually stealing from your potential clients.

There are people out there who NEED you - like TODAY. Why would you not want to help them?

They may be scouring the internet looking for someone just like you. Let them find you! Let them hear you!

If you are stuck in the "this content stinks" mode, then get a cheerleader - someone who can help encourage you to tell it. 

Tell it.

Say it.

Just do it.

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