How to get more people on your teleseminars

Have you ever felt this paralyzing fear? You work so hard to put together a teleseminar.  You THINK you are doing everything you can do get people on the call.  

And then, only a puny handful show up.

It's so mortifying, isn't it?  When this happens you may find yourself filled with shame.  You are horrified because now you feel like a failure and you are wondering "How the heck am I going to get clients now?"

But it doesn't have to be that way.  

Today I'm going to give you three strategies for getting MORE people on your teleseminar:

1.  Channel WIIFM

I see so many entrepreneurs who talk only about the fact that they are hosting a teleseminar, but they don't give their audience a REASON to listen in.  You see, we're so dang busy that we are all tuned to Channel WIIFM - "What's In It For Me?"  We need to know WHY we should listen to the call.

You can do this in several ways, such as

  • Reveal what they will learn on the call (make it juicy and results oriented
  • Relate to the audience's struggle and why this call will benefit them
  • Show your vulnerability by telling them your story - show them your "mess to success" and you how can relate to their specific pain

The more you can show your audience on WHY they need to listen and WHAT they will get out of it, the easier it will be for them to say "yes" and to make time to listen in.

2.  Get Creative and Spread the Word

In order to get people on your call, you need to grab their attention by getting them excited!  How can you have FUN with letting people know just how amazing this call will be?

In using the strategies from tip #1 above, use these channels to stir up your creative juices to EDUCATE your audience on why they should listen to you.

  • Create 2-5 promotional videos to relate to your audience and entice them to learn more (show your personality here!)
  • Get quirky on social media and GO BIG - share not only your videos but fun infographics.  Create a Facebook event, consider Facebook ads, and post like crazy in groups (with integrity of course)
  • Have friends or colleagues spread the word to their tribes - create a social share button or write a sample email for them to share.  Consider thanking them in a very creative way for helping you out.

3.  Get Over Over-Communicating!

So many entrepreneurs think marketing is just a way to annoy their audience. They feel like they are "bugging people" if they talk about their business too much.  

And I'm here to say, "Quit it!"  For your ideal tribe - the ones who are falling in love with you as we speak and who will truly want to work with you - you will NOT be bugging them.  They will welcome your communication.

A great buzz-bulidng timeframe is 7-10 days before your teleseminar.  During that time, I recommend

  • Emailing your audience every other day with the techniques listed in #1 and the attitude from #2
  • Posting on social media at least 3 times/day to pack a punch and catch more people (don't forget the other social media tips from #2)
  • Reaching out every day to at least one person who can help you spread the word.  This is a great time to ask for support in your business.

Your perfect client will welcome this type of frequent yet relevant communication.  By showing them in different ways just how cool this call will be, plus letting your creativity shine,  they will fall in love with you and say "Yes" to working with you.

Use these strategies for your next teleseminar and watch your attendee list grow!

To your success,


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