How to get the ball rolling with your biz vision

"My smile is so big right now!" my client just wrote.

She was referring to some copy I had drafted for her to review and tweak.

She told me that this method felt so easy. So light.

So unlike the dreaded word "marketing."

And I totally get it!

Because my way of support is different.

I see so many women entrepreneurs get pumped up and want to take on the world after their session with their business coach....only to get stuck the next day in the "how to's."

Can you relate?

You have the passion. You have the vision. You just need some hand-holding on the strategy & implementation.

You may not know how to (or feel as if you just can't):

  • Write all the  emails, website pages and social media posts needed.
  • Understand the big picture of how all the moving pieces fit together.
  • Know how to make it all WORK!

That's where I come in.

As a coach, I help you find the best way to market YOU! 

I guide you to find your own unique voice.

I ease your worries on visibility, vulnerability or wondering if you know enough.

As a strategist, I provide you with copywriting starts to get you going.

I help you create your marketing calendar so you can be consistent and powerful with your message.

I show you the steps needed for the big picture to happen.

I'm a business coach + marketing strategist who helps you solidify your biz strategy and marketing efforts so you can connect to your tribe in a powerful way.

Because having the passion and the vision can only get you so far...

That's why I'm so excited to introduce a small dose of how I work!

The Back-To-School Biz Tune Up

30 days of customized Creative Marketing Direction for your biz.

Yep! One month of private consulting and implementation to flesh out, organize and polish your biz strategy and marketing efforts so that you can finish off 2016 with a bang!

Because I want to see your face smiling so big!

My Creative Marketing Clients consistently feel as if they have

  • An experienced and strategic partner to hold their hand and get it done.
  • A creative muse to help them communicate their vision to their tribe.
  • Marketing mojo that feels EXCITING and just like them.
  • Ease and grace while running a successful biz!

Just take it from Julie:

"Heather is the safe structure that allows me to stay in my zone of genius and actually do the inspirational healing work I'm here to do." 


"Before working with Heather, I felt like I was doing it all alone. I had so much to give and offer to my clients, but I just didn't know HOW to do it. Nothing flowed. I would start and stop things.  It felt like I was sitting on so much inspiration that I was ready to share with the world, but I just didn't have a way to harness it all.  As an entrepreneur, I'm incredibly organized and pro-active but there was something that was missing. I couldn’t seem to hold it all myself.  


My list has doubled. My community has thrived. My income has skyrocketed and my creativity has SOARED.

Why? Because Heather is the safe structure that allows me to stay in my zone of genius and actually do the inspirational healing work I'm here to do. Because I trust her so wholeheartedly with my business, I am able to step away and take off all the hats I'd been wearing for so many years.  

I didn't realize that I was actually playing business until Heather joined my team.  

Heather has become my partner, my intuitive side-kick, my idea generator, my go-to right hand woman.  She has her arms wrapped around everything I do and I FEEL LIKE I CAN FINALLY STEP IN TO BEING THE CEO OF MY BUSINESS!"

Julie Santiago, Transformational Life Coach

Read more about the Back-To-School Biz Tune Up here.

(But hurry, because this offer is available through Friday only).

To shaking it up and doing things differently!