I can't believe I've done these things!

Happy Halloween! On this day of creative costumes, I have to ask you a question:  What are you doing to get those creative juices flowing for your business?

For me - I love to dive FULL FORCE into my creativity, because I know just how powerfully it can have a positive impact on my business.  

In October alone, I have been SINGINGkaraoke with my Bold and Brave Business Breakthrough Babes of Austin, PLAYING in improv class every Sunday with Dave, and PAINTING with gauche watercolors in Brene Brown's online course The Gifts Of Imperfection:

Painting is something I never let myself experience before, and let me tell you - these gauche watercolors are sooooo freeing!

Diving into these creative outlets allows my brain to rewire and then unveil marketing inspiration for

  • Topics for my newsletters
  • Engaging social media posts
  • New programs and products
  • Out-of-the-box ways to connect to my tribe
  • A connection to myself and my purpose (which makes my business even stronger)

Why am I telling you this?  

Because writing copy for your marketing isn't easy.  It takes some creativity to truly engage with your tribe. It takes some out-of-the-box thinking, but it's not rocket science.

So - I have a challenge for you.

1.  Get creative 

During the month of November, how can you try out a new creative outlet?  How can you dive deep into something new - some type of art or movement or music or play -  and have FUN with it?

2.  Let's brainstorm

I have a brand new way to empower you to write STELLAR marketing copy:

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Any successful launch, great email, engaging social media post, or even a great sales conversation begins with a true understanding your ideal client. 

Knowing what to say to them by using their own words, understanding scenarios where they are struggling and being able to relate to them on a personal level is KEY to making them feel like, "She is talking directly to me!"

So many entrepreneurs think that marketing is all about

  • ME shouting about ME
  • Showing off and drawing too much attention to myself
  • Icky sales that don't feel good

And I'm here to say - NO!  

Great marketing is about your CLIENT

Getting UBER clear on

  • WHO is your ideal client
  • WHAT are his/her specific struggles
  • WHY he/she needs you
  • HOW to talk to him/her so that they will act

gives you all the content you could ever need for your marketing.  It's that simple.

I invite you to jump into this VIP Intensive where we’ll get those creative juices flowing TOGETHER to get into the mind of your ideal client.

We’ll get crystal clear and descriptive with exactly what is going on for him or her.

We’ll then craft your custom voice and messaging for you to use in your own copywriting.

When you truly understand your tribe and what their troubles are – in a super tangible way –  they will want to buy from you!

This 2-hour VIP option is a done-with-you service where I’m here to help you get clarity and provide my magic marketing feedback. You’ll leave with

  • tangible notes to pull from - to use in every type of communication you have with your ideal client (online or in person!)
  • email and social media content ideas for ALL of your copywriting (even if you're not ready for a launch!)
  • clarity on how exactly to communicate to your tribe

so you can eliminate the overwhelm and be empowered to write in a way that works for you.

This is the very first step in my brand new signature Get Launched system.  I'm on a mission to empower YOU to attract your ideal tribe and I'm breaking it down for you in easy-to-do, digestible steps.

Are you ready for this creative challenge?

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Your investment: $497

And, I have a bonus for the first 5 special people to enroll in this intensive in November:

You will receive a free 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review session from me after the intensive.

To getting creative and connecting to your client,


P.S. Be one of the first 5 people to take advantage of this VIP Intensiveand receive a complimentary 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review from me after our intensive.