If I can do this, you DEFINITELY can….

Happy Thursday! Lately I've had a few people in the marketplace tell me, "I had no idea you are an introvert, Heather!"

And it made me laugh. For anyone who knows me personally, you'll know that I've always been the strong silent type.  I was the quiet girl grew up with 4 brothers who could never get in a word edgewise.

Here I am at age 10.  I think I had the letters of my name ironed to my pants.  LOL!

The people who were surprised at my introversion these days didn't see that "quietness" in my marketing.  And I told them, "It's because I have made it work for me."

I want to share more of that with you...

These days I love working smarter, not harder in my business.  I know how to attract my ideal clients effectively (from my home office) so that then I can get back to what I really love, which is HELPING those clients and spending afternoons and weekends with my husband and kids.

And, I do that primarily through kick ass launches.

I have been told that my launches are elegant, smooth and classy.  And – I get pretty excited about them, because I can pull in $10K or more in a nice launch.

That burst of income and new perfect clients are just the things that keeps me humming in my business.

You know – when I started my business my introverted self had a really hard time.  I was cringing at going to endless networking events where I really struggled to psych myself up to dress up, show up and THEN engage with a room full of people that I didn’t know.

My stomach churned as I sought out for live speaking gigs and then tried to squelch my dry mouth as I spoke to those audiences.

And, I was absolutely petrified at the thought of cold calling.

And you know what?  I was coming up to a lot of dead ends and having to weed through A LOT of people to find clients.  I found clients slowly, but I felt like all that effort was pretty much a big waste of time.

I thought – OMG – is this really how I have to build my business?  This is killing my spirit and causing me to feel like a failure.

My introverted self was getting totally tapped out from doing activities that didn’t align with my personality and energy.

I KNEW my ideal clients were out there in the big wide world – I just needed to find them.  I dreamt of lasering in in my business – where I could be my authentic self and still connect but do it through the internet.

I wanted to call in clients but do it at my own pace, in my pajamas and with my cat on my lap.

I was dying for things to be easier  - I wanted good income while reaching my perfect clients regardless of geography.

So - I held that vision strong while I did these two things:

  • I realized just how powerfully my  9+ years of corporate marketing skills could come in SUPER handy as an entrepreneur and I began implementing those tactics in my business.
  • I got the right support – the right coaches and systems - to help me market “me” so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and do it all on my own.

As I began to fine-tune my business by going virtual and perfecting the launch process, clients began coming to me – the perfect ones!

My inner introvert was overjoyed because I was just shining my light – I found that I didn’t always HAVE to seek out those endless networking events or get live speaking.

Through a launch and my online visibility, the conversation was already started – and from there my business thrived.

I realized what a vibrational upgrade launches are – by me putting myself out there and communicating in my own elegant way, I succeeded. 

I then began sharing the steps I use in my own successful launches with my clients, and they too had tremendous vibrational upgrades in their businesses!  

I truly believe a big mission of mine is to give you the right tools in the right order to use the power of internet marketing effectively and easily so that you can draw in global clients and bring more money in the door.  

I'm here to light all the lights up on the runway for you to take off. I show you the steps to make those clients come to you – not the other way around.

My clients tell me I’m a grounding presence when they are up in the ethers – because marketing yourself can be SCARY.

I'm curious….

What emotions or thoughts does the word "marketing" bring up for you?

Stress? Overwhelm? Fear?

And how do you act accordingly?

Do nothing? Cruise along in your comfort zone? Try everything and get burnt out?

I'm here to tell you that It’s time to STOP hating your marketing (or lack of it)!

My challenge for you this week is to tune in to your energy levels when you market yourself.  

Which activities feed you?  Which drain you?  

How can you tap into more of those marketing activities that feed you?

How much more would you enjoy your business if you could only market in a way which you ENJOY?

Tune in - maybe even take notes.  There's a "right way" to market you - and you can figure it out!   If you need support in talking it out, then let's connect!

To making your marketing match your energy,


P.S. Stay tuned - next week I will be sharing information about a way to find out which marketing "type" you are and how you can use it to create and easy and elegant marketing roadmap that suits your type!