I'm ashamed about this...

I was thinking today about how many emotions I've gone through in my biz...

When I first started out as a health coach I was like, "How hard can this be?"

My coaching school boosted my confidence and made things sound so easy.

I listened to success story after success story from graduates and thought, "This will be a piece of cake!"  (Ahh - how clueless I was back then!)

But when I tried some of the things the school recommended, they flopped.

I was shocked!  I thought, "I did everything they said, so why didn't it work?"

I figured I must need some more guidance, so I invested in some more coaching.

While that was a rather good idea (because there's no failure only feedback, right?), I again got presented with "try this and it works" concepts.

When I tried them, they worked a little but didn't have the windfall that I was craving.

I felt like I was moving a boulder up a hill.  Clients were slow to come.

I kept looking for the next best thing for my business...

And while my business WAS growing - I was impatient.  I wanted MORE and I wanted it QUICKLY.

I realized just how tough being an entrepreneur can be (and I even have a business degree!)

As I look back now I see just how frantic I became - partially because I am a good girl….

I wanted to be the best "student" in the class.

I wanted to please my coach.

I wanted to make everyone happy.

That desire to please and do the "right" thing isn't totally bad - it propelled me with the drive I needed to keep chugging along when many can't.

But as I look back now I realize how caught up in the "should's" I was...

I felt like I should run my biz the exact same way I was taught.

I felt like I should take this course or that one.

I felt like I should keep up with the Joneses in my biz.

Can you relate?

But here's the thing:

All those "should's" just left me feeling guilty and overwhelmed

It wasn't a fun way to "be" in my business!

So I slowly began unravelling those "should's."

i leaned into MY business MY way and operating from a place of joy (because I knew what brought me joy).

I focused my to-do list on what I wanted instead of what I thought I should do….

My perfect clients then began easily coming to me - without such a struggle.

My workload diminished because I gave myself permission to stop doing the things that weren't serving me in my biz.

Instead of huge income highs and lows I was able to I create consistent cash flow month after month after month.

As I began operating from a state of grace - everything fell into place.

And now I want to share some of the things I've assimilated and applied to my own business with you - because I hear my story reflected over and over again in so many of you!

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