A visionary, a planner and a technician walk into a (juice) bar….

A visionary, a planner and a technician walk into a (juice) bar….


They’re the best of friends. And they are realizing more and more why they need each other.

Here’s their story…

The visionary is a dreamer.

She’s creative and powerful and has a huge heart that is bursting with a million different things she wants to create.

Her mind is positively overflowing with ideas, dreams and aspirations.

She hops from one idea to the next – each one equally as brilliant.

But she needs someone to hold her ideas and dreams.

She wants share to someone who can help her make sense of it all.

So she calls the planner.

The planner is whip smart and strategic.

She’s creative but linear.

She has the ability to see down the road and to know how all the pieces are going to fit together.

She can harness a dream and turn it into a plan of action.

She can mold and shape it into something tangible.

But she needs someone who can do all the fine-tuning and legwork. 

So she calls the technician.

The technician can take the plan and execute it. 

She’s the the to-do list checker-off-er and the fine-tooth comb-er.

She’s the one who can solve those million teeny tech issues (and remember HOW to put them all together every time.)

She’s the shoulder tapper – to remind everyone of the tiny details.

But she needs someone to give her the dream and direction.

So she calls the visionary….

Together these three make one helluva team.

Each woman knows her strength.

Each woman feels free to do what lights her up the most.

Each woman knows that when she is in her zone of genius – she SHINES.

And each woman knows the value the other two play in her life.

They aren’t afraid to lean on each other.

They know that together they are stronger.

And what they create TOGETHER? It’s breathtaking.

So my question for you is – which one of these friends feels most like YOU?

Are you a visionary who has amazing dreams?

Are you a planner who can see the big picture and map it out?

Or are you a technician who can execute like nobody’s business?

Maybe you see a piece of yourself in all three.

For me, I am a super creative visionary who needs to exercise my creativity everyday – whether in my adult coloring book or creating my new website (coming soon! Details below!)

And I am also the strategic planner who has the get-it-done-knack to put those dreams into action. I can break down the pieces in order to shine the light on HOW to make the vision a reality.

And I’m somewhat of a techie too. I’ve always been a get-it-done girl with knowing how to tweak that HMTL to get it to look just right or making lists of the endless things that I do everyday.

But my passion – my strength and my secret weapon – is in the planning. In helping visionaries bring their dreams to life.

In the big picture.

In the “mapping out.”

In the sprucing and tweaking until it feels right.

So my bigger question for you is – which one of these lights you up the most?

And, equally as important – where can you get support with the other areas?

Your challenge for this week is to find your supporting roles – they may be friends, colleagues, spouses, coaches, assistants and more.

Talk to them.

Rely on them.

Know where you are strongest and then ask for help with the rest.

That’s when you can truly SHINE.

Sending you strength and the power to OWN your zone of genius (and for getting help with the rest).



P.S. I’ve got my photos back from my photoshoot. YAY!  I am so excited to be putting in these photos and the final pieces onto my new website – to be launched in March!

I can’t wait to share more in the website reveal about how I am supporting amazing visionaries as their Creative Marketing Director.

Stay tuned, but in the meantime, need to talk? Comment below and tell me where your strength lies (visionary, planner or technician) and where you are getting support in the other areas of your biz. I always love to hear from you!