My awesome fawn-sitting experience..

Last Friday I was pulling out of the driveway to take my daughter Kate to school when I saw something in our front yard….

It was no bigger than a cat - I thought it might the rabbit we have seen a few times.  But then I looked closer and saw the white speckles on its back, its delicate long neck and petite head.

"It's a FAWN!" I told Kate.  We stopped in the driveway but didn't get out - too afraid to scare her off.

We immediately named her Bambi and realized just how young she was - she couldn't be more than a few days old - and how patiently she was lying there.

We didn't see mama anywhere.  I was hoping that Bambi wasn't hurt and that mama hadn't abandoned her.

I didn't know what to do, so I snapped a photo and asked about it on Facebook.

What I learned about her (and myself) was inspiring...

I had the privilege of fawn-sitting Bambi for over 12 hours that day before mama came back.

During the day she would attempt to stand up on her long spindly and delicate legs - only to see how wobbly they are and to lay back down.

I would see her constantly scanning for mama - always awake and on the lookout.

I was thinking of how alone she must feel right now - not knowing where to go or what to do.

And it made me think of us women entrepreneurs.

Too often we find ourselves scanning the horizon for the answer - for something or someone to tell us just the right thing….

We feel isolated and alone - like we are winging it (which could lead us to feeling like a fraud).

We question EVERYTHING and wonder if we're doing it "right" and how we can learn how to stand on those unsure and wobbly legs...

Bambi knew how to get help, though.  She knew to wait there and that mama would return with her strength and grace and would show Bambi how to confidently grow into herself.

My clients often say the same about our work together:

WOW - having amazing women like Michelle and Lisa tell me how I exude grace and strength as Deer Magic in my coaching was sooooo meaningful!

In the past few months I've been quietly building a new program for you to do the same - one that empowers you to turn from questioning everything (and feeling like a fraud) to confidently and powerfully making successful business decisions.

It's a mastermind that's a hybrid of private coaching and group interactions so you can gain a deeper clarity and focus for your marketing, your sales, your programs - in a way that potential clients will FEEL (and want to work with you!)

It's one where you can stop spinning your wheels and get the right foundational pieces in place so that you can turn this hobby business into sustainable, leveraged income.

My first group began in April and here's what Dana had to say:

"The Make Your Mark Mastermind has definitely been my best most leveraged business investment by far! I tend to get distracted by all the things I could be doing (things I've heard about in all the online courses I've taken or newsletters I read) and, although I've been majorly inspired and have no problem with the big picture of my business, Working with you 1:1 has been my missing link. I get more done in our 45 minutes together than I previously have alone in a week! The brainstorming and feedback on my business has been invaluable!!"

I'm THRILLED with the first group and the successes they are having, such as

  • getting crystal clear as they solidify their program and then snapping up 2 new clients.
  • powerfully profiling their ideal client and then having one magically show up and sign on.
  • writing marketing copy like nobody's business - and feeling like they've GOT this.

I'm now seeking applicants for the 2 final spots for the next small group beginning in June.  

Interested?  I'm looking for women who are dedicated and committed.  Check out the details here and apply to talk with me

To more confidently growing into who you are as a business owner - confidently and powerfully,


P.S.  The final 2 spots for the next Make Your Mark Mastermind group are going to fill quickly.  If it's calling your name, don't miss out. Take a look hereand apply.