My Billy Joel story - plus last day to save 50%!

I'm heading to see Billy Joel in concert tonight!

This treat is an amazing birthday gift from my boyfriend, and we are taking all 4 kids too!

Billy has always been my jam...

Want to jam to him today? Check out this video.

My college roommate Carla and I would crank up our boombox in our dorm room with Billy Joel on Friday nights as we got ready to go out. We would sing along at the top of our lungs...

And his tunes have carried me through countless road trips through dusty west Texas...

But I've never seen him sing live!

So as I'm jamming to his Greatest Hits now, I needed to write you.

Why, you ask?

I've never seen him in concert because I didn't want to put forth the effort. 

He's been so popular that his concerts sell out quickly. 

And his tickets have always been pricey.

So I have always taken the easy route and said, "Maybe later."

I held back.

I stayed listening my cassette tapes, which  turned into CDs, which turned into Spotify.  

And it made me think of how many times we hold back as entrepreneurs...

We WANT to grow our list so we can serve more people.
We WANT to do the Facebook live so we can talk about our passion.
We WANT to launch the big program and make the money we are desiring.

But we decide instead to stay safe.

We listen to the freebie trainings instead of investing in what we really want...
We join one more Facebook group in hopes of connecting, instead of picking up the phone to a potential client...
We avoid the networking meeting, and instead stay home and pout because our business isn't going where we want it to...

If I've learned anything from going through a gut-wrenching divorce and starting over in my 40's, it's to not hold back anymore!

In so many ways I'm going for it!

I'm EXPANDING in new and exciting ways (like falling in love again!) 
I'm DOING the things that used to scare me (like claiming that I really want to see Billy Joel, and then asking for it!)
I'm not SETTLING for anything that doesn't align (like saying no to a potential client that wasn't right for me).

And I'm here to ask you, "What are you holding back on" in your business?

How would it feel to COMMIT to just doing it in 2017? 

What do you need to do NOW to help you do that? So that you can get to the good stuff and ACT?

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And here's to YOUR version of not holding back anymore!