My Hamilton weekend in Chicago (and why it's good for biz!)

My 15-year old daughter is obsessed with Hamilton.

Her volleyball team sings/raps the lyrics to each other before games to get them pumped up. 

She and her friends listen to the entire soundtrack during sleepovers and analyze Hamilton's motives. (She actually told me, "Mom, Hamilton should have talked to his wife first about his affair before he published it to the world!") Um, yes honey!

So when she got invited to go see it in Chicago with her bestie Nicole and Nicole's Mom Theresa, there was no way to say no to this... 

And I knew that I had to experience it with her!

Theresa had the accommodations and tickets worked out - so it made it easy to say YES!

Needless to say, it was life changing! Not only for her but for me to see her so lit up! 

My little creative gal knows how to fuel her passion. 
My art lover was more excited than she had EVER been.
My teen was on fire!

What's not to love about that?

And it was a good reminder for me too:

Nurturing our creative side is good for biz.

As entrepreneurs, we have to create something out of nothing.

And creating something out of nothing takes MASSIVE amounts of creative energy... 

But most of us turn to the structured side of our biz.

The templates
The to-do lists
The networking!

Yep - we need those too, but we tend to forget that taking some time to play is just as necessary!

As our dear Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic, "Stop treating your creativity like it's a tired, old marriage (a grind, a drag) and start regarding it with the fresh eyes of a passionate lover. Even if you only have fifteen minutes a day in a stairwell alone with your creativity, take it"

Such wise words. We need to get out there and play, gals!

To bring out my creative side, these are my favorite go-to practices:

  • Journaling my fears, my dreams, my hopes for the day
  • Walking through my park where I can smell the fresh air
  • Drinking tea as a calming, grounding start to my day
  • Coloring with pretty colored markers in my adult coloring book
  • Playing with coordinating patterned paper to make cards and scrapbook pages
  • Watching mindless TV like Girlfriends Guide To Divorce
  • Listening to 80's music in my car (and singing along when I am alone!)
  • Going to lunch with a good girlfriend
  • Heading to the Symphony with my beau
  • And saying YES to experiences like Hamilton!

My question for you is: What are YOUR favorite ways to nurture your creativity? Comment below and let me know!

AND a challenge for you. Next time to find yourself resisting "play" - how can you trust that it necessary for biz? And then, go do it!

Here's to sparking your creativity!