My marching band lesson for your biz

This fall you'll find me cheering at freshman volleyball games or tapping my toes to the marching band halftime show.

Seriously, I'm at sporting events two-to-four times per week!

And I love it.

My kids' dedication to their activity is pretty inspiring...

I mean, they LOVE what they are doing, but they don't really have a choice in deciding...

When to have practice.
When games are.
When homework will hit the hardest.

They have to trust that their coaches, and directors are putting them on the right path to success. 

Each volleyball game I see my daughter jumping just a little higher for a block at the net (and getting the point!).

Each halftime show I see the band march a little more seamlessly as they add to their show each week.

But their success didn't happen entirely from group efforts.

Their coaches and directors have ALWAYS encouraged outside support to help the students perform at their optimal level.

That's why Nathan has taken private French Horn lessons since 6th grade.

That's why Kate has done countless clinics and camps that included individual attention.

Their group instruction is helpful, but getting individual attention is priceless.

And it reminds me that us entrepreneurs should be operating in exactly the same way!

We can get group support from our peers in Facebook groups.
We can learn a TON from the online group course.
We can get inspired from podcasts, webinars and Facebook lives.

But we need private tune ups too.

We need an expert to come in to help us in just the way we need to be helped!

Nathan needs his private lesson instructor to show him the right way to hit those notes while wearing braces (poor guy).

Kate needs a coach to teach her the right way to jump for maximum effect to the ball.

Us entrepreneurs need an expert eye help us smooth over the missed income opportunities and teach us the how-to's for US to make our dreams a reality.

That's why I'm so passionate about giving private support to you through the

The Back-To-School Biz Tune Up

30 Days of Creative Marketing Direction for your biz!

This package includes

  • 3 x 1 hour creative + strategic consultations to determine the right marketing and promotional plan of action for you.

  • 4 hours of customized whip-smart strategic implementation by Heather as a follow up to the consultations in areas such as:

    • Copywriting “starts” to get you going with e-newsletters, web pages, and more.

    • A launch or marketing plan so you know exactly what to do when.

    • Messaging tune-ups to more effectively draw in your tribe.

  • Consultation notes + accountability worksheets to make the most of our month together.

It could be just the right private support to carry your biz through 2016....but you have to commit!

This is for the go-getters. The roll-up-their-sleevers. The passionate women on a mission who know that a fresh pair of eyes on their biz can give you the perspective you need.

Read more about the Back-To-School Biz Tune Up here.

(But hurry, because this offer is available through Friday only).

To getting that private support to set you apart.