My secret weapon for creating killer copy

It's no secret that I'm a fan of tea.

Like a HUGE fan!

And most mornings, I'm perfectly fine with sipping my Organic Earl Grey as I write my morning pages in my little Moleskine journal.

But my absolute favorite indulgence is chai tea.

Not the Trader Joe's powdered kind or the box of syrup you can make yourself....

I go for the coffee-shop kind that comes with the milk frothed on top - served up to me warm and steamy!

And since I can't tolerate regular milk anymore (and I really can't do soy milk either), I have been left with finding a few select places in town who offer chai tea with almond milk.

When I take time to head to one of those places to get my treat, it ALWAYS puts me in a better mood.

Imagine how thrilled I was this week to learn that Starbucks now serves almond milk!

I mean, I have been doing a happy dance! 

While I have enjoyed their chai with coconut milk if I can't make it to one of my other places, my absolute favorite is almond milk

My pure joy this morning made me wonder, "why DOES this simple cup of tea make me so happy?" 

And then it hit me.

It's a ritual.

For me, since I work from home, the act of going to get a cup of tea is a big deal.

So I only do it on days when I have some time and spaciousness to go - you know - OUT (and get out of my yoga pants. No wait! Sometimes I go out in my yoga pants! LOL!)

Those are the days when I've usually blocked out a chunk of time to

  • write massive amounts of copy for a client - a first pass so they can polish it up with ease
  • figure out a webinar or launch strategy and map it out - so they don't get sucked into overwhelm
  • tweak some web page copy for a client - so they can more clearly connect
  • edit a client video - so the message pops
  • write my OWN marketing copy!

These are days that I have created time and space.

I usually block out Thursdays and Friday mornings for this type of work.

There's something about having a big chunk of time to help me stay in my creative zone.

And my cup of chai tea starts that off!

This $5 treat

  • helps me pause and reconnect to myself.
  • makes me feel abundant.
  • signals to my subconsciousness - "OK brain - it's time to turn those creative juices on!"

And when I do that? 

Killer email copy gets written.

Website copy gets polished.

Launch plans appear.

Technical challenges melt away.

And I think, "I love what I do!"

My challenge for you: What is YOUR copywriting ritual?

And if you don't have one, how can you begin creating one today?

Reply below and tell me yours! I would love to hear!