No one talks about this part of launching

I've got to admit something to you. A launch can put you on a roller coaster of emotions and stress.  (And not one of those Disney roller coasters - I'm talking the loopty-loop ones)

Even just the THOUGHT of launching can make us

Break out into a cold sweat from the fear of being out there for everyone to see. What if the whole thing flops and everyone sees that?

Wonder how the heck we can be "on" for the entire launch time with all those to-do's. How can we do that without turning into a huge stress ball or an angry bitch?

Feel one day like "I've totally GOT THIS - I can DO THIS - I am AWESOME" - only to wake up the next day feeling like "I don't know enough!  Who the heck am I to be doing this?"

And I have just one thing to say - SUPPORT SYSTEM.

A launch is an orchestrated plan of action.  There's a lot of moving pieces AND a lot of emotional gunk that gets stirred up.

I don't recommend ANYONE try a launch on their own.  We all need support to get us through!

We need help with things such as

  • the how-to's - so we can feel calmer once we know the plan.
  • knowing that there will emotional ups and downs - so we can prep our friends and family and ask for support.
  • encouragement that we're doing it right - so we can confidently call in our right peeps.

TheBe A Launch Queen Group Programis the crucial piece in that support system.

In the program we tackle not only the how-to's, but we address those pesky visibility fears and range of emotions.

We put a plan in place for all of it. 

Put a plan in place
Put a plan in place

So that when it IS go time - you have your systems.  You have your support.   You know where to go for what you need.

This programis your one-stop shop to being a more confident, more powerful, and more effective marketer (so you can attract those ideal clients and finally feel like you're gaining traction).

Here's what my amazing client Maggie Luther has to say about the program.

I learned so much I didn’t even know I didn’t know about putting together a launch!

Before Be A Launch Queen I was confused about how to successfully set up a launch for a teleseminar I have been wanting to hold for over 6 months now. I didn’t want it to be a failure. There are just so many working pieces that go into having a successful launch and I didn’t want to mess up on anything and end up flopping on my first try.

I learned so much I didn’t even know I didn’t know about putting together a launch! I never felt overwhelmed. Heather was great at holding my hand and keeping me on track to create the event of my dreams.

Maggie Luther,

The Be A Launch Queen programbegins next week.  You in?

If you're on the fence - maybe feeling that gamut of emotions from just THINKING about if a launch is right for you,  then I am opening up my calendar for 15-minute Next Step phone conversations with you!Details here.

Here to help you launch into success,


P.S. If the Be A Launch Queen Program is calling your name (I'm not sure if I'll be offering it live again) then don't wait - enroll now.