What if Oprah hadn't done this?

I am still on cloud nine!  My trip to Dallas to see Oprah's taping of LifeClass was over-the-top amazing!

When she emerged on stage I had huge crocodile tears coming out of my eyes (Yes it was the ugly cry!) and I was clapping my hands furiously the rest of the time.

(I kinda felt like I was on SNL and doing a spoof on crazy Oprah fanatics, but hey - I was excited!)  :)

And, something big hit me:

I was the lucky recipient of Oprah's vision to GO BIG.

For 25 years Oprah had her show in Chicago.  And it was incredible.  But she wanted more.  She knew it was time to go bigger.

She wanted to fill stadiums of people and teach them life lessons that they wouldn't get elsewhere.

She wanted to reach more people in person.  She wanted to spread the experience to people like me who knew it was just a dream to see a live taping of her show (I hear the average wait time was over 5 years!)

And, because she decided to up her game - to go BIG - I got to receive the beautiful gift of not only her presence but the incredible uplifting energy of a stadium filled with soul-seekers.

I am fed, inspired and transformed by my live experience with her!

And it makes me wonder....

What if Oprah had played small?

What if she kept doing the same thing and not stepping out of her comfort zone?  What if she didn't follow her vision of launching her very own network to spread her message even more?

I cannot imagine that her journey was easy.  She even confesses that launching the OWN network has been trying (to say the least!).  But it's also been soulful and totally in alignment with her vision of being an influential global teacher.

I'm sure there were times where she was scared shirtless to move to the next step!

But she felt the fear and did it anyway. 

OK - so you're thinking - yes, but she's Oprah!!!!  She's not like me!

Maybe, but her living her true purpose allows us to be inspired to do the same.

So, I need to ask you:

Are you playing small in your business?

Are you waiting until it's the perfect time to launch?

Are you feeling like you just need one more course or certification before you can get yourself "out there"?

Are you holding back because you're afraid of launching your genius and then it flops?

Today I'm calling you out:

Who is missing out on your genius because you are not taking the leap?

Isn't it time to take that next step - the one that scares you BIG time - so that you can reach those who need you?

You are more ready to launch than you think you are - I guarantee it!

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To not playing small any longer,


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