Launch Secret Sauce: The Opt In Page

One of the most necessary pieces of a launch is the Opt In Page, which can also be called a landing page or squeeze page. In case you are wondering, "I have do idea what that is" then you are in luck, because I'm going to give you the skinny!

Here is an Opt In Page snapshot from my Master Class launch

And here's the pieces you'll want to include

  • No menu bar - to help the visitor stay focused.
  • Addressing your tribe directly - (i.e. Calling all....) to grab their attention.
  • Only one call-to-action - to sign up for your event.
  • What your audience will learn - so they see the benefit of the call.
  • Your photo or video - so they get to know you.
  • You are in the right place if....(not shown in graphic above) - to help them self-select if this is right for them

OK, Heather, but I've still got a lot of questions, like...

1. How does the Opt In Page work in a launch? 

The Opt In Page is the ultimate list builder!  In your launch you will be inviting people to this page to learn more about your event (usually a teleseminar).  This page, with the effective components listed above, will engage them and get them to sign up.

Getting as many people to enroll for your call is KEY.  The more people who sign up to listen = the more potential clients.  AND, even those who don't purchase from you immediately will still be newcomers to your email list and will begin a relationship of getting to know you (and may buy later!)

2.  Is the Opt In Box here the same as the Opt In Box on my website home page?

No.  You'll want an Opt In Box that will put attendees in a new list in your email marketing system.  This list will be different from your main list.

You want these to be separate so that, during the launch period, you can communicate with this list directly (give them the call details, etc).

3.  How do I build an Opt In Page?

There are Opt In Page add-ons for your website such as Optimize Press.  And, from what I hear they work well.

Personally, I hire a person to create it for me so I can get it to look the way I want and I don't have to worry about all those tech-y details.

Got more questions about Opt In Pages?  Email me and I'll help you out.  :)

To powerful launches with lots of Opt Ins,


P.S. I've just built a brand new Opt In Page that I am DYING to reveal with you.  It will be announced very soon....