This one thing could totally shift your perception around marketing….

I'm so excited!  I just got off Skype with Chris, the first Message Multiplier VIP client from my 48-hour sale. Chris brought some tricky "I'm stuck and I don't like marketing" issues to the table, but in our short time together she had 2 major a-ha's:

1.  She realized that she had been summarizing her services to potential clients.

You know - where she tried to condense what she said she did into such a tight package that all she got was glazed eyes….

Through us diving deeper into what's REALLY going on for her potential clients, she began to realize that she wasn't really connecting with them.  She was talking AT them rather than WITH them.

I interviewed her more and together we came up with tangible and relatable stories for her to help potential clients feel as if "she gets me!"

Now she's fired up to talk to potential clients in a whole new way - one that will engage with them in authentically yet powerfully.

2.  She was getting really frustrated with her approach to finding referral partners.

She was feeling as if these potential partners weren't valuing her services - even though she knew her coaching was so needed.  (It even brought up some of her own internal gunk to talk to these people.  Who needs that?)

As she talked about this struggle, I coached her to explore an entirely new approach.

I could literally "see" the light club go off as she realized that she was connecting to the wrong referral partners!

She's now ready to create a whole new "ideal partner" profile and is excited to find these partners who she LOVES to work with!

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