Pre-launch success secrets for a powerful first impression

I've got a brand new and upleveled website banner (above)!  What do you think? Why a new one, you ask?  It comes down to 2 words:

First impressions

You see, launching a program or product is a powerful way to make a first impression in the marketplace.  It's the most successful way to stake a claim for who you are, who you serve and how.

Successful launchers use the power of the launch to reach out to people outside of their social circle.  They understand that a great launch is not only one that gets them clients, but one that also builds their list.

In fact one of the best ways to build your list is with launching!  Here's how:

  1. You set the stage for your launch by getting the pieces in place to look good online and to hold an event such as a teleseminar.
  2. You create a buzz outside of your current networking circle to get people exited and draw them in (i.e. get them register with their email) to attend your event.
  3. You host a teleseminar to share more about yourself, reveal helpful tips and to introduce them to your offer.
  4. You enroll new people into your program or to buy your product.

And, not all of the people who attend your teleseminar will buy from you right now.  In fact less than 5% of your list are ready to buy from you right now.

So, for all those newbies who just got on your list with this launch, it's vital to make a good first impression.

This new audience is attracted to you to because they think you may be able to help them.  They hear about you through your launch - which is the same as meeting you at a local networking event.  You want to look spiffy and be on good behavior, right?

Then, once you have these new people on your list, your future marketing efforts (like consistent email) can build a relationship with them so that when they are finally ready to buy, you will be there.

So, getting ready for a launch is like getting ready to SHINE.  And yes, I know words like "shine" and "being visible" that can seem SUPER scary, so today I'm going to share 2 easy ways to prepare for a GREAT first impression so that when you launch - you'll be golden.

1.  Uplevel your headshot

Using a professional photo in your marketing - one that really shows your vibe and your personality - is UBER important in making a good first impression in your launch.

Use this headshot consistently across your online presence, which includes your website and on all social media platforms.  This consistency is key to building up your recognition and your professionalism.

If you have been following me for a while you have been watching me uplevel my headshots like crazy.   I have done this because

  • Each time I have a new photoshoot, it upevels my vibe and boosts my visibility comfort level.
  • I'm always ensuring that my online presence reflects my business growth.

2.  Share more on social media

Social media is key to a successful online business these days.  Whether you're a Twitter fanatic, a Facebook addict, or a Pinterest girl - it's wise to boost your likability and trustworthiness in preparation for your launch.   You can do it 2 ways:

  • Educate your fans/friends/followers on your topic with tips or nuggets of information - without asking for anything in return.  Give them a hint that something cool is coming to peak their interest. Then, when you are ready to make a splash with a launch, people will be listening.
  • Reveal "behind the scenes" in your business. This is a baby step into being more visible.  But here's an incentive:  People LOVE behind the scenes scoop, so tell them about your amazing clients or hint at what you are working on.  It will add to your likability factor make people want to know more about you.

Getting "prepped" for your launch like this will allow you to have a solid and totally professional first impression when you launch.

How can you begin implementing these steps today?  

Want some guidance?  I'm working on these myself (as you can see with the banner) and getting ready for an upcoming reveal that's gonna LIGHT YOU UP to step out with a launch like never before.

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To getting ready.....


P.S. Have specific questions around how to get prepped with the steps above?  Leave a comment below!