5 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Marketing Copy This Summer (so you can get back to the pool!)

WOOHOO!  It's summertime!

My kids have been off from school for a week and I'm already feeling that push/pull of trying to juggle it all.

How can I be the "fun mom" who can take them to the pool but still get some work done?

How can I attract clients (so I can make some money) while still trying to "be there" for my kids and enjoy the summer?

How can I make my business "look" like I'm not taking time off this summer?

It's time to work smarter. ladies!

Here's a little secret:

Summer can be a fabulous time to STRENGTHEN your marketing and your message so you can still give attention to your business AND your kids!

How the heck do I do that, you ask?

Today I want to share with you 5 EASY Ways to Re-Use Your Marketing Copyyes, stuff that you've ALREADY written or talked about - so you can bump up your know, like and trust factor as you reel in those new clients (and then get back to the pool!)

Here's how:

1.  Email previous blog posts to your tribe

I know most of us have lots of old posts that may be totally buried in our site - so much to the point that WE may not even be able to find them (or even remember all of them!)

I challenge you to find 3-5 articles or blog posts and share them again with your tribe by email  (I bet you will impress yourself AND THEM in the process!).

2.  Create social media posts from previous blog posts

My clients LOVE it when I help them do this:  Scan through the blog posts above (or others) and pull out great snippets that you could post on social media.

Use them as stand alone quotes, link to the original blog post, or create an infographic for them (as I have above - I love www.canva.com to do this).

3.  Pull together your brainstorming notes

We ALL have those notes from that class we took or that Evernote file of "someday I will write" ideas.

Get them out - I bet they will rev up your creative juices so you can write a quickie blog post, email, social media post or even a sales page from them!

I've had so many clients tell me, "I didn't realize I had so much great content already. It was in my back pocket all the time."

4.  Reuse testimonials

Everyone loves social proof.  Why not whip out a few adoring comments about you and share them again?  It's a surefire way to give yourself a boost AND show your amazingness.

5.  Pull an idea from previous talk or interview and write about it

If you've been giving great talks - either live or online - or even if you've been interviewed on a telesummit or podcast - think about he concepts you shared there.

Is there a new or unique snippet of content that you can use in a new way? Try it out!

Bottom line #1:  Your tribe needs to hear a new concept approximately 7 times for it to sink in.

You have written and talked about AMAZING stuff - why not share it MORE with the world?

Bottom line #2:  Great marketing is a strong, CONSISTENT message over time

I promise you - you are not bugging your peeps by sharing it again.  In fact, they will probably be calling you to say, "When can we begin working together?"  (Then you can go out and buy that cute outfit and celebrate with a pool party!)

Stay tuned for a way I will be supporting you in Leveraging Your Content very soon!

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To your easy breezy summer (where you CAN do it all),