Where's your life raft?

It's 54 degrees here in Austin this morning, which it super chilly for us Texans! I just got back from a brisk walk in my local park. Walking on a cool fall day like this grounds me.

It allows me to clear my head.

To dream.

To brainstorm.

To nurture myself just a little.

To find a moment of calm in the storm of life.

Ya know?

Because life gets nutty.

For me, when I think of all the responsibilities I have on my plate it makes me want to curl up and go back to bed sometimes, like....

  • Lovingly caring for my mother who recently had a stroke through visits and calls and Amazon care packages.
  • Single parenting 2 active teenagers who need rides EVERYWHERE!
  • Getting repairs on my 10-year old car that seems to flash those warning lights at me often.
  • Finding time to take those clothes to the dry cleaners, pick up some cat litter and oh, sleep!


And I know I'm not alone in this swirl.

Us women are nurturers. Caregivers. Multi-taskers.

We are the core of our families - and because we have so much love to give and because we want everything to be perfect, we find it so darn hard to say no!

But then we get caught up in the frenzy of it all....

So - our challenge (daily!) is to find our calm. 


Our rock.

Our life raft.

The people, the things and the experiences that can bring us back to center.

Because when we have that calm again - we can laugh, we can grow, we can love, we can be.

When we find the things that center us -the support systems and the things that bring us joy - we can be that powerhouse, that force to be reckoned with, that trail blazer that we are.

So I'm curious - who/what are your life rafts?

Your rocks?

Your go-to's that help you fill up your cup so that you can then go DO and BE all that you are?

For me, here's just a few:

  • A bear hug from my 6'8" boyfriend (yes, really!)
  • Belly laughing with my kids as we binge watch The Office
  • My second cup of tea in the morning as I journal in a quiet house
  • A good call with a gal pal
  • Word puzzles
  • Watching anything Oprah

And this grounding and centering doesn't just apply to our personal life, you know.

As entrepreneurs, we need to find our "biz center"so that we can more fully lead.

More fully grow.

More truly step into the amazing business owner that we are.

So that we can tackle that never ending email inbox.

So that we can be fully present for our clients as we serve them at our highest level.

So that we can strategize, plan and grow to the next level.

So that we don't have to feel as if we're doing it all alone.

Your challenge for today?

Go find your life raft.

Get your rock.

For life or for biz - or both (we soooooo need both, don't we?)

Because your cup needs to be filled too.

I was inspired to write this because I got these notes from clients recently:

"Heather, you're the buoy, the life raft, the structure that allows me to think bigger because I don't have to do it all alone."

"Heather, you're my business rock!"

"Heather you are my 'ohm.'"

Want to know more about how I'm helping to be the buoy, the business rock, and the ohm?

Take a look at how I'm stepping into ALL of my skills and talents as a Coach + Online Marketing Manager here.

To getting grounded so you can serve at your highest potential,