Why your 2014 sales goal may already be shot….

It's JUNE!

That means half the year is over already….

How is your biz?

Is it going like you dreamed of when you looked at 2014 as a whole?

Or are you thinking, "Holy cannoli - I've got to get moving!"

The truth is, most business owners operate their business by the seat of their pants.

They lean into what "feels" right and create on-the-spot offerings to limp along.

While I'm all about doing what feels good in your business - limping along is not going to cut it as a solid business owner, ladies!

Success takes a plan.

It takes being strategic.  And guess what - summer is the BEST time to do that.

Many of us moms want to adjust our schedules over the summer so we can hang out with the kids or take a vacation.  

Many of us have a perception that we can't GO BIG with anything or gain new clients over the summer, because everyone's on vacation or simply distracted.

While that could or could not be true (have you TESTED that for your target market?) - summer is a great time to roll up your sleeves and get a plan in place for the next 6 months. 

That's why I'm excited to share 5 Simple Steps with you to EXCEED your 2014 Sales Goal (and it starts with your plan - now!)

Here's how.

1.  State your sales goal for the rest of 2014.  Divide it by 6.

Yep - this can be scary - especially if the first half of your year wasn't what you desired it to be.

But knowing your numbers will empower you - AND give you the tangibility to know where you are headed.

Here's a BONUS for this step: Write down WHY these numbers are your goal. Knowing this will keep you fired up to achieve them.     

2.  Brainstorm 3-5 ways to make these sales happen.

Do you have a new program to reveal?

Do you want to re-launch one of your signature products or programs?

Do you want to get more business by referrals?

Set a vision of success for each of these things you are brainstorming.  Paint what each looks and feels like - either in your head or journal it out.

Creating this vision will attach you to this success and will better allow you to make it happen.

3.  Put your brainstorming ideas on the calendar - one per month.

So many of you want to do too much - right now.

You have TONS of ideas and love each of them and want to do them all at the same time.

But here's the thing.  Your brain (and your audience) can't handle that!

A confused mind says no.  That holds true for both YOU (the implementer/biz owner/seller) and for YOUR AUDIENCE (the buyer).

See how you can focus on one income generator per month and watch how powerfully a focused plan that gets followed through can work for you.

4.  Get practical

Now that you have some great ideas on the calendar - what needs to happen to bring those to life?

With each idea - write out some practical "to-do's" to make those happen.  This can be simple for right now - you can always go back an refine this list later.

5.  Get support

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your brainstorm and plan.   Fleshing out your goals with a coach or colleague helps you to understand it more fully (and be a stronger advocate for it) AND gives you a fresh pair of eyes and ears to validate it.

I LOVE being that strategic eye for my clients.  One of my key strengths is to be a "maximizer" where I help develop an already good idea into a fantastic plan of action.

AND - as you get this fresh perspective  you will probably be relieved to realize that you ALREADY HAVE a lot of what you need in place...

"Heather showed me how much easier creating the sales page for my upcoming program could be by helping me reuse copy that I'd already written.  I went from dreading copy writing to being really fired up about both my super cool sales page and my exciting new program!"

Ann Richeda


Stay tuned for a way I will be supporting you in being that fresh pair of eyes and empowering you to Leverage Your Content (so you CAN make your 2014 sales goals) very soon!

To EXCEEDING your 2014 sales goals in next 6 months,