She believed she could so she did

This summer I lost my creativity.

Yep - it just disappeared. Vanished into thin air.

It's kind of ironic, actually, because was helping my clients tap into THEIR creativity as we crafted their marketing strategy and their authentic voice so they could step into THEIR CEO role, but I absolutely couldn't work up the gumption to do the same for myself.

I felt depleted. Drained. Spent. 

So I went quiet.

And I was thinking, "Now Heather, you started this business so that you could be creative AND strategic. You want to make an impact by doing what you love to do."

I wondered where that spark had gone.

I asked myself, "What needs to happen to nurture my inner spark?"

I knew that much of what needed to happen WASN'T about sitting myself down and forcing myself to write a newsletter.

I have been doing this long enough to know that when I allow myself to play - to do something totally unrelated to my business - that magic can happen.

I gave myself permission to set aside newsletters aside and I got busy.

  • I redecorated my office space with new furniture and a new poster that says, "She believed she could, so she did (see below!).
  • I took a creativity class where I painted with my fingers for the first time since childhood.
  • I joined a book club on The Artist's Way and became dedicated to writing the morning pages (I first read this book way back in 1998!).

And slowly, patiently, quietly...

I began to remember what I believe in.

I wrote and wrote, and I wanted to share some of the biggest "I believe" statements with you.

As I wrote these, I imagined being Martin Luther King with his "I Have A Dream" speech. My fist is in the air and my heart is open.

I believe...

I exude my inner power while still operating as my graceful, calm self.

I have a thriving business with clients I adore (and who adore me).

I am a stellar single mom who carpools, feeds, cheers on and nurtures two extremely busy teenagers.

This online arena of female entrepreneurs is big enough for all of us.

My empowered choices model strength and feminine power for my daughter (and my son too!)

When I tap into that which comes easily for me, I soar.

And so many more more.

But you get the idea.

I tapped back into my "why."

I remembered my purpose.

And notice that I did it in the present tense?

I did that for an important reason. I used these statements as a gratitude exercise. As affirmations.

Because I already AM these things.

And stepping back to claim them again? It's filling me up.

It's helping me coming back to myself.

To remember who I am.

To get creative. 

And it made me curious about you. If you had to make an "I believe" speech - what would you say? What are you believing in that you ALREADY are?

Comment below and let me know! 

To your creativity and purpose,