Isn't it time to stop coaching your cousin's best friend's sister?

Happy Tuesday!

Whew - it feels like a Monday after the nice long weekend, doesn't it?   This weekend my family and I enjoyed going retro with a trip to the drive in movie theater and seeing The Breakfast Club.

Here's a view looking back from the driver's seat - we opened up the back of the car and even brought beanbags to curl up in!  

So, summer fun aside, now that it's officially back-to-school season you may be ready to get ramped up with your business.

But - panic could be setting in - HOW exactly are you going to take your biz up a notch this fall?  

As your calendar fills with fall activities, maybe adding all those networking events leaves you feeling weary.

Maybe you are wondering - aren't there MORE people who need my coaching besides my neighbor?

You love coaching in person, but secretly you know that there's more people outside of your social circles who need you.

You are ready to find MORE people to serve so that canmake an impact.

It's time to fish in a bigger pond.

How would it feel to have clients find you through your website or social media?

How would your life be easier to coach by phone from the comfort of your own home (and even in your pajamas)?

In my work with awesome women entrepreneurs, I know one thing:

You have something amazing to share

And I get SO frustrated when I see fabulous women like you not succeed with your business because you don't know how to reach more potential clients.

You've invested in intense training and life experiences to get you where you are.

You've done the hard work of establishing yourself as a business owner and creating your own unique services.

You're living your dream by owning your own business.

Isn't it time to mark your stamp on the world?

And sure.  You may be thinking - yes, but I don't want to force it!  I want to market authentically.

And I hear you.  But here's the deal.

A launch gets people's attention.

It's one of the best ways to stake your claim and get more followers.

Through the process of a launch, you begin the conversation with your potential clients.

It's a gateway for creating beautiful, authentic connections for you.

Take a look here to see my dream for you:

And then join me next Tuesday for 

Be a Launch Queen - Take Your Program Online, Reach More Clients and Change the World in your Pajamas with a Launch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT

Register here to get all the details.

There's people out there just WAITING for you!  Let's go find them - together.

Register here.

To finding clients around the world, even in your pajamas,


P.S. Want to know why it's so important to create a marketing plan that fits YOU and your own unique style?  Take a look at my article in iCoach magazine titled "Create a Marketing Plan That Works For You" here.