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You've got to see this New Year's pic + your questions answered

Happy New Year!

I hope you have some fabulous plans for tonight and tomorrow - ones that involve friends, family and happiness.  I am wishing you a VERY Happy New Year!

Dave and I are celebrating BIG TIME tonight, because tomorrow is our 19th wedding anniversary!  Take a look at us way back in 1995:

Check out those 90's bangs, the mustache, and those uber-puffy sleeves!  (Ah, but we were, and still are, so happy!)

As we begin the New Year (OK, after some champagne tonight and brunch tomorrow), it's time to get down to business again.

I've been getting some great questions about The Launch Pad - A Get-It-Done Virtual Planning Retreat on January 8 and I wanted to address a few here:  

Will this retreat give us your exact launch formula, Heather?

Firstly - I don't have an exact launch formula - I give my launch clients outlines and a focus and then allow them to fill in the details in ways that work for them.

The Launch Pad - a Get-It-Done Virtual Retreat is a bird's-eye view planning day for your entire year.  That means we will be looking at more than one launch or promotion - we will be looking at 2-3 and seeing the big picture.

We will be diving into how powerfully you can serve your clients throughout 2014, so that then you can confidently get into your to-do's for your first launch of the year or know how ELSE you are going to market yourself and understand how you are going to grow your business and your income.

What if I’m not available on January 8? Can I still benefit from this retreat?

Yes. The replay of the Spreecast will be available to all attendees so you can watch when it’s convenient for you. While you won’t receive the benefit of the live chat during the retreat, you can still have access to the private Facebook group for connecting on your own time.

What if I can’t afford it?

If you are committed to your business success in 2014, you can’t afford NOT to have a vision and a plan for how to get there.

Private coaching time with me to accomplish these same goals is over $1000, so this is the most affordable way to work with me.

How do I know that it will work for me?

My 4 step plan is structured enough to give you focus and clarity, yet stretchy enough for you to adapt it to feel right for you. And, the process I take you through allows for course correction along the way, because let’s face it – change happens and we need to be able to adapt along the way!

Ready to join in?

This retreat is going to give you the kick-in-the-pants that you know you've secretly been needing.

Get ready to Map-It-Out and Get-It-Done on January 8 and then LEAP into 2014 with power and clarity.

Still have questions?

For you, my valuable readers, I am hosting a complimentary

Q&A webinar this Thursday, January 2, 2014

at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Simply head here to create a complimentary Spreecast account.
  2. And then head here on Jan 2 to join in where I'll be LIVE to answer your questions!

To clarity and focus for your marketing in 2014,


P.S. Get a jump on your 2014 and join us!  Details here.

My friends always do this [BIG ANNOUNCEMENT]

Did you have a good Thanksgiving weekend? My family and I had a gorgeous one in the beautiful Texas Hill Country!  We read books, played Monopoly and hiked.  Sooooooo relaxing…...

I even got to enjoy my birthday as part of the long weekend on December 1.

Speaking of birthdays - because mine falls on the first of the month - I often have friends or family who don't see my birthday until they turn the calendar and WHAM - there I am on the 1st!  They then call and apologize because they almost forgot!

And hearing that "I almost forgot" statement this year (which makes me laugh every time, BTW!) made me realize that many entrepreneurs (maybe like you?) do that in their businesses too.  January 1 rolls around and you may think, "WOW - a new year!  I guess I should create some goals or a plan or something"  

But you may not even know where or how to start 

Maybe you know what's up for January, but after that it's all fuzzy.

And it frustrates me when I see this in the marketplace - because how can you expand and grow in your business if you don't know where you're headed?

How can you make that new BIG THING - that new program or that live retreat or whatever YOUR big thing is -  happen?

It starts with a simple plan - one that can be broken down into do-able steps.

Take a look at this video to learn more:

YEP!  I've created a complimentary video training series to help you understand how to implement your next BIG THING.

I want 2014 be YOUR year - the one where you can truly plow past "being in a hamster wheel" and create focus and clarity for your business.

Join me for this FREE video series:

The Launch Pad

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate the Marketing Overwhelm and Create a Get-It-Done Plan for 2014

In this 3-part video training series, I'll show you how to use these 3 “P”s to create a powerful marketing strategy and clear cut plan (so you can grow by leaps and bounds in 2014).


This simple technique will help you stay focused and feel amazing about where you are going!  It will keep you from falling for that next bright and shiny object.


An easy marketing timeline to ensure that you ring in the clients (but stay sane in the process).


This is where we get your booty in gear to make this all happen through a process that’s both do-able AND effective.

Don't miss out on this super cool watch-when-you-are-able free video series.  Register here.

To seeing you start off 2014 rocking and rolling.


P.S.  I know you have a big dream or two for your business that you want to make a reality in 2014.  Take a look and let's make it happen - together!

P.P.S.  Have a friend who could benefit from this video series?  Pass it along!