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[SUMMER SALE TODAY] Polish My Program in 90 minutes

I'm SO excited!  In June I had a spur of the moment idea to offer a one-and-done summer sale on a 90-minute session with me.

And it turned out AWESOMELY!  

As my client Sara said, "90-minutes with you is NOT like 90-minutes with anyone else, Heather.  We got SO much done!"

I enjoyed the VIP sessions from the sale so much that I decided to do it again this month!

Many of us are finding the summer flying by with family vacations, hanging out by the pool, trying to entertain the kids and more...

What better way to be strategic with your biz this summer (while also having a life) than to have a one-and-done private coaching session?

This is perfect for you if you've been 

  • waiting untilyour coaching program is written and figured out before you do anything else
  • wondering how you can customize a done-for-you purchased program
  • hearing crickets chirping and seeing glazed eyes when you tell people about every.single.detail of your program
  • dying to STAND OUT from your peers and get more clients!

That's why I'm thrilled to announce

The Polish My Program 90-Minute VIP Intensive SALE

What is the Polish My Program 90-Minute VIP Intensive?

This Skype intensive is a private VIP coaching session (yep just you and me!) in my signature interview style, brought to you in a one-and-done virtual session.

It's a powerful way to get that fresh pair of eyes on your program - so that you can polish it and more effectively (or finally!) market it.

It's a way to work smarter! I'll help you get CRYSTAL clear on how to communicate about your program so you can sell more and get back to what you really love, which is coaching.

Here's how it works...

  1. I'll send you a Program Prep sheet for you to get your best ideas down before our session.
  2. When we meet by Skype, I share my screen so that we "whiteboard out" your program as we organize and polish it.  (No worries, I'll be curious and ask questions to help you along the way)
  3. You'll walk away with a professional (yet juicy!) program outline and you'll be crystal clear on the value and the benefits you provide. 
  4. In addition to detailed notes of our session (where I put my strategic organization to good use!), you'll receive my Program Brochure Template so that you can polish up the wording for your program and sell more.
  5. As a special bonus, you'll receive 1 month of  f.r.e.e. copywriting support from me to finalize any finishing touches!

Only $297 (a $497 value)

July 29 and 30 only

Purchase now and you'll be able to use your session through September 15, 2014.

This is the last sale I will be offering for a while - I know you won't want to miss out!

To your professionally polished program,


P.S.  The sale price of $297 for this 90-minute session is only valid through midnight CT tomorrow, July 30.  Buy now.