communicating your message

Why that rich inner brand is killing your sales

I've been talking with many of you this past week on how to actually TALK ABOUT your rich "inner brand." You know....

That amazing bad-ass business owner that you fantasize of being while you are on the treadmill.

The woman-on-a-mission-powerhouse that you journal about when you are daydreaming.

The multi-six-figure-mogul that you say daily affirmations to.

I get to be privy to these rich inner brands all the time.

By interviewing my clients and having them talk it out, I hear the most STUNNING, SIZZLING and AMAZING things about them.

Topics that they

  • get so passionate about they cry
  • take a stand for so strongly that they get pissed off
  • empathize with their ideal clients' needs so strongly that they would solve them for free

Yet when it comes to conveying this "bad-ass-ness" - to actually sitting down at the computer and figuring out how exactly to communicate that - they get tongue tied.

Can you relate?

And honestly, without having some help around this, it feels kinda suck-y.

I mean, it's frustrating not to be able to convey that inner fire, you know?

You ARE a bad-ass, but if you can't communicate that to your tribe, then they don't KNOW how amazing you are (and they won't buy from you!)

Without being clear in your message (and actually getting it out there)....

They can't feel your passion

They don't know your depth of knowledge

They misunderstand you when you sporadically market

That's why I'm so thrilled to not only help coach you to

Find Your Clear Authentic Voice

Create Clean Copy and

Develop a Simple Marketing Plan...

but I am now offering execution services as well, so you can completely take this off your plate.

Imagine how great it would feel to have any of these options ready to go (so you could focus on what you do best, which is serve your clients)

1.  A 4-email drip campaign to get people to say YES to your latest and greatest offering.

2.  A powerful sales page - one that gets people to click "buy now" - that sounds authentically you.

3.  A well-scripted webinar to get people to more fully know your expertise and you.

4.  An engaging and converting opt-in page - one that gets people to type in their email STAT).

I'll coach you along so we can powerfully create these together OR I'll get the feel of your vibe and voice and do it for you.

Either way it's a win/win!

Take advantage of this special offer now.

(special pricing is only valid through May 31!)

You owe it to your tribe to show them your bad-ass-ness.  Why not do it when you can get stellar support at an awesome price?


P.S.  I'm happy to schedule a phone chat with you to see how Clear, Clean and Simple Marketing Solutions can best work for your biz (but hurry to take advantage of this special pricing by 5/31).