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Easily gain a client today with this non-techy tip

I'm on a plane as we speak to Portland, Maine where I will be spending the week with my dear friend, amazing client and one of my awesome coaches, Lisa Fraley. I cannot WAIT to have a responsibility-free girl's week!

Lisa has plans for us to hike, see lighthouses and more while I am there (not to mention talking up a storm, which we always do!)

Lisa and I became close when be both attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as we were training to become Certified Holistic Health Coaches.

(Here we are in 2011 - Lisa on the left and me in the middle - during our IIN year of training)

And what I love about Lisa's and my relationship is that we became friends first before we ever did business together.

Even though we live far away from each other, we have always made time to talk regularly.

Through our long phone chats, we learned each other's strengths and skill set.

Through our journey we encouraged and coached each other to grow more fully into those strengths, and as a result she is now a rockstar Legal Coach and I am a Marketing Mentor. 

LOL - we're not health coaches anymore but we bring our powerful IIN training as coaches and our holistic perspective into our own businesses respectively.

Through our friendship, Lisa and I became clients of each other as we each had valuable skills that each other needed.

Lisa helped me set up my LLC, helped with client agreements and more so that I could "cover my buns"legally and feel safe and empowered as my business grew.

I have supported Lisa with launch strategy and content marketing ideas for her to skyrocket her legal coaching services.

While being each other's client is amazing - it started with friendship first.  

(Here we are in NYC in 2013)

In my coaching I see so many women who want to find clients "out there"and are eager to ramp up their online efforts.

They want to find clients magically from behind their computers.

They envision all these "invisible people" waiting to be their clients.

They want to ramp up their website, social media and more to reach these "invisible people."

Yet they don't know who or where to find these "invisible people"

And I have to tell them that one of the BEST ways to get your next client is to look in your immediate circle.

Now don't get me wrong, online marketing is ah-ma-zing for business owners like us.

But we can't forget those in our own backyard.

Do you have someone whom you have talked to before about working together but for some reason it didn't work out?

Do you have a friend who is always asking about your business?

Are you active in an online or offline group where you KNOW there are people in there who need you?

Connect with those people - now (before you do one more thing online)

Answer their questions.

Be genuinely interested in helping them solve their issue - not from a place of trying to get business, but from a place of service.

And watch what happens.

You see - in this amazing world of technology - people are craving the human connection. They are desiring help in a personalized way - from someone they can relate to.

So be relatable! Use your personal side to pick up the phone or send a personal email.

Try connecting with just one "warm body" this week and let me know how it goes!

To putting the "personal" back in your business,


Why that rich inner brand is killing your sales

I've been talking with many of you this past week on how to actually TALK ABOUT your rich "inner brand." You know....

That amazing bad-ass business owner that you fantasize of being while you are on the treadmill.

The woman-on-a-mission-powerhouse that you journal about when you are daydreaming.

The multi-six-figure-mogul that you say daily affirmations to.

I get to be privy to these rich inner brands all the time.

By interviewing my clients and having them talk it out, I hear the most STUNNING, SIZZLING and AMAZING things about them.

Topics that they

  • get so passionate about they cry
  • take a stand for so strongly that they get pissed off
  • empathize with their ideal clients' needs so strongly that they would solve them for free

Yet when it comes to conveying this "bad-ass-ness" - to actually sitting down at the computer and figuring out how exactly to communicate that - they get tongue tied.

Can you relate?

And honestly, without having some help around this, it feels kinda suck-y.

I mean, it's frustrating not to be able to convey that inner fire, you know?

You ARE a bad-ass, but if you can't communicate that to your tribe, then they don't KNOW how amazing you are (and they won't buy from you!)

Without being clear in your message (and actually getting it out there)....

They can't feel your passion

They don't know your depth of knowledge

They misunderstand you when you sporadically market

That's why I'm so thrilled to not only help coach you to

Find Your Clear Authentic Voice

Create Clean Copy and

Develop a Simple Marketing Plan...

but I am now offering execution services as well, so you can completely take this off your plate.

Imagine how great it would feel to have any of these options ready to go (so you could focus on what you do best, which is serve your clients)

1.  A 4-email drip campaign to get people to say YES to your latest and greatest offering.

2.  A powerful sales page - one that gets people to click "buy now" - that sounds authentically you.

3.  A well-scripted webinar to get people to more fully know your expertise and you.

4.  An engaging and converting opt-in page - one that gets people to type in their email STAT).

I'll coach you along so we can powerfully create these together OR I'll get the feel of your vibe and voice and do it for you.

Either way it's a win/win!

Take advantage of this special offer now.

(special pricing is only valid through May 31!)

You owe it to your tribe to show them your bad-ass-ness.  Why not do it when you can get stellar support at an awesome price?


P.S.  I'm happy to schedule a phone chat with you to see how Clear, Clean and Simple Marketing Solutions can best work for your biz (but hurry to take advantage of this special pricing by 5/31).

How to bust through these 3 annoying content creation blocks

I spent an amazing weekend in Dallas at Nathalie Lussier's Off The Charts event.  Here I am with my good friend and colleague Marcie Mauro:

As I was talking with awesome women entrepreneurs, I heard this theme over and over again:

How do you get over writer's block in your biz?

Eeesh - we all get it, right?I heard three top blocks that come up to smack us in the face and STOP us from spreading our message in a bigger way, and I wanted to address them today (and show you how to get OVER them already!)

Content block #1:  Perfectionism

The "I can't send it out until it's perfect" feeling. 

You've got a FABULOUS idea.  You've been working and working on it.

But you want to tweak it a little more.  You want to spiff it up just a tad.  When will it be good enough?

Bust-through tip: Follow the 2-Look Rule

It doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be perfect.  None of us are.

Give yourself 2 passes at writing something. Write it. Go away. Then come back and look at it with fresh eyes.

You'll want to change it tomorrow or next week. And that's OK.  For today - it's your message and the beauty of the internet is that things can be changed in a snap.

So no more perfecting it, OK?


Hit send.

You are awesome.

Content block #2: Lack of clarity

The "I want to talk about this - but also this - and this!" syndrome...

You've got this GREAT idea (or maybe 5) in your head that you want to talk about in your biz.

But you don't really know how to sort through all the gunk.

When you start to write you get way too wordy or you clam up and can't write anything.

Bust-through tip:Get an outside perspective.

A good coach or colleague can be an active sounding board and can reflect back to you the core of your message.

We ALL need this (myself included).

We get SO stuck in our own head creating this magnificent version of ourselves and our message that we need some grounding - someone who is not so close to the real thing - who can actively listen and give feedback.

You ARE a genius - but don't share your messy genius - clean it up.  :)

Content block #3: Second guessing yourself

This is the case of the "I'm not good enough so who would read this anyway?"

Ever feel that way? Wondering if anyone else resonates with you?  Worrying if they will understand, respond, or even open it?

So you don't write it.  Or you write it but don't send it.

Bust through tip:Stop being a thief and get a cheerleader.

By NOT sharing your amazing message, you are actually stealing from your potential clients.

There are people out there who NEED you - like TODAY. Why would you not want to help them?

They may be scouring the internet looking for someone just like you. Let them find you! Let them hear you!

If you are stuck in the "this content stinks" mode, then get a cheerleader - someone who can help encourage you to tell it. 

Tell it.

Say it.

Just do it.

After last week's 2-Part Master Class I revealed a super simple way for you to bust through these blocks.

It's a way for you to work with me privately on a piece of your marketing that's preventing you from being your best...

From doing your best.

From sharing your message with more people in a confident and empowered way.


Clear, Clean and Simple Marketing Solutions

Take a look:

I've created 4 smart personalized coaching solutions with to help you with those pieces of your marketing that are bugging you:

  • email campaigns
  • sales pages
  • social media
  • your core offering

This is your copy - your genius - but spruced up in a way that feels authentic and true to you!

You've good the ideas - I'm here to help you make them happen...

Take advantage of this special coaching offer now.

(this price is only valid through May 31!)

To finding your clear authentic voice, turning it into clean copy and creating a simple marketing plan so you can execute!


P.S.  Got questions about Clear, Clean and Simple Marketing Solutions?  Email me and we'll talk!

[Free Template] Join me TODAY to create your simple, easy yet oh-so effective 3-step marketing strategy

Tuesday's class on

How To Take You Content From Messy To Clean

was a hit!

Here's what people are saying about it;

My intention was to empower the attendees to FINALLY speak from the heart - to break through that "I have to market myself this way" mindset and to give them validation and permission to bring out their quirks AND their genius as they show their authentic selves in their biz.

We talked about the power of emotion in the buying process and how to leverage that.

Curious?  You can still register for the limited-time replay.

And, your BONUS for registering now is that you can still join in LIVE for today's call on

TODAY, Thursday May 14 at 10am PT/1pm ET

I wanted to create this simple yet powerful class because even marketing people like me can get a headache with all the "shoulds" in marketing themselves:

  • Social media (which one? strategies for each? How to keep up?)
  • Email (what to write? how to grow my list?)
  • Networking (Elevator pitch fear!)


And honestly what I see it's that it's crippling - amazing women shut down because they are so overwhelmed (can you relate?)

My mission is to help you today with a SIMPLE yet powerful plan of action to market yourself - one that gets you excited, empowered and ready to go!

Claim your spot here.

To simple yet powerful,


P.S. Class #2 is today Claim your spot

[Free Template + Master Class] Take Your Content From Messy To Clean

As I look back on the past 3 1/2 years of being an entrepreneur, I have to laugh a little when I think back to the beginning.

It's so funny because I have not only a business degree but nearly a decade of experience in corporate marketing...

Yet when it came to marketing ME - I was terrified! 

I wanted to do it the "right" way.

I was so scared of showing the "real" me and that the real me would fail.

So I sought out course after course.  I heard, "Do it this way and it will work perfectly!"

I wanted THAT!  I wanted it to work perfectly!  So I followed the template EXACTLY.

In fact I combined SEVERAL templates because more is better, right?

I was pumped.  I was DOING THIS – and then I showed my "plug and play marketing copy" to a few friends.  I got poker faces, 

They said, “Heather, this doesn’t sound anything like you!”

They could read the plug and play nature of this.  WOW!

They could feel my stiff, forced energy.

They didn’t feel ME – my vibe. 

And part of that was because I was afraid.  I didn’t think I had permission to be me.  I thought I had to do it "just like this" or I would be rejected!

I did slowly manage to let ME come out more and more.  It wasn’t easy.  I needed a TON of coaching and support, but

the more my authentic voice came out, the more my business grew.

  I brought out my gift of creating concise but relatable stories and the quirky strategic side of me and began helping other women shift from that "I should do it exactly this way" mindset.  That place of "I need to learn more before I can market" and that "I need to stay safe with my copy" and that "I can't be too weird or shine too brightly" mindset.

They were kind of a mess, and their marketing efforts reflected that.

They were trying to color within the lines.  And, in a crowded marketplace that is the online world – that doesn’t really work.

It gets crickets chirping.

It gets overlooked.

It gets people to run of because they don't understand how it works.

Once I began empowering them with finding their own authentic voice - their own passion and personality - and bringing that to the surface, things shifted for them.

They felt more confident in speaking their truth...

They had clear and clean words to say and a plan to follow...

which led to more people being attracted to them...

and that led to more sales... 

and, for the first time, they felt FREE to share even MORE of their gifts with the world.  (And how cool is that?) WOOT!  WOOT!

Beginning tomorrow, I cannot wait to share some of my best "Find Your Authentic Voice" nuggets with you in this complimentary 2-Part Master Class:

Master Class + Template Reveal on

Tuesday, May 12 at 10am PT/1pm ET


Master Class + Template Reveal on

Thursday, May 14 at 10am PT/1pm ET

Claim your spot here.

I'm not going to show you the "do it this way and it works" method.  Instead, I'm going to empower you to show your TRUE voice - the one that will get you HEARD! 

So get ready to roll up your sleeves, take that messy feeling and turn it into clear confidence!



P.S. This 2-Part Master Class series begins on TOMORROW!  Claim your spot

[Free Template] How to avoid the "I need to eat dark chocolate" syndrome...

Do you ever sit down and say, "OK I have to write some content for my business today.  I've got to write a blog post.  I have to do some social media.  ACK!  I've got to Write! Write! Write!"

And you are thinking and nothing is coming up, so you are like "OK!  I'm going to go get some dark chocolate because I need to get inspired and maybe watch this movie on Netflix,"

And pretty soon the day is over and you don't get any marketing done...

It's frustrating, right?  You may be thinking, "ACK!  I'm not gaining any new clients because I'm not marketing myself properly!"

How would it feel to have a really clear template to walk you though?

One where you take your own words and it makes you feel like, "Wow! These are my words but they sound so good!  They sound authentic and true to me"

Take a look:

And then join me in a complimentary 2-Part Master Class with you that includes 2 Easy Templates:

Master Class + Template Reveal on

Tuesday, May 12 at 10am PT/1pm ET


Master Class + Template Reveal on

Thursday, May 14 at 10am PT/1pm ET

Claim your spot here.

I can't wait to share this easy-to-create, easy-to-implement content with you!Heather

P.S. This 2-Part Master Class series begins on Tuesday!  Claim your spot

[Free Template] Take Your Content From Messy to Clean

You've all seen it:

The boring Facebook post where it's all about the coach, not the client.  Something like, "I'm so excited!  I'm having this free training.  Join me!"

And you probably yawn and move on, because they haven't told you why it's worth your while.

Or you may have been sent an article on how to "live well" and you don't really understand how it's going to help your life, so you only read the first 2 lines, figure it doesn't apply to you and delete it.

Ugh.  It's the case of MESSY content.

Messy content gets passed over on social media.

Messy content gets deleted from their inbox.

Messy content is forgotten.

Messy content doesn't get the sale.

How would it feel to have a an easy-to-use-worksheet to walk you through how to create compelling and CLEAN content?

Clean content paints a vivid picture for your tribe.

Clean content helps you relate to them in a way so they feel like they know you.

Clean content gets people buzzing and excited about the possibilities.

Clean content gets people to pick up the phone and say, "I need to work with you!"

I'm so pleased to share a brand new complimentary 2-Part Master Class with you that includes 2 Easy Templates:

Master Class + Template Reveal on

Tuesday, May 12 at 10am PT/1pm ET


Master Class + Template Reveal on

Thursday, May 14 at 10am PT/1pm ET

Claim your spot here.

In this valuable 2 part training (that you'll be able to use and re-use) you'll

  • Learn my unique methodology for unearthing your clear authentic voice (so your marketing actually sounds like YOU and not a stiff imitation of how it's "supposed" to sound).
  • Get a Content Clarity Template to write clean, crisp and engaging copy every time.
  • See how to leverage my 3-Step Marketing Strategy Template so you can create a simple yet effective promotion (one that you can implement with ease!). Claim your spot here.I can't wait to share this easy-to-create, easy-to-implement content with you!Heather

P.S. This 2-Part Master Class series begins a week from today so don't wait - just register - and you'll be prepped to feel more confident, crystal clear and down-to-earth authentic in your marketing.

The World's Easiest Marketing Plan

Everyone knows the pushy sales person.  The one who is breathing down your back as you consider your options.

Or the blaring "Buy from me!  Buy from me!" sale where you feel pressured to make a decision on the spot without really knowing what you are buying.

It makes you want to RUN the other way, doesn't it?

Do you ever feel that way in your own marketing and sales?

You feel like you are being pushy.

You feel like you are forcing it.

You feel like you are showing off.

I'm here to tell you that there's a better way - one that's authentic, enticing and PULLS your audience in (instead of pushing them away!)

I'm so happy to share

The World's Easiest Marketing Plan

This is for you go-with-the-flow kind of coaches.

This is for you "I'm so overwhelmed" solopreneurs.

This is for you "I don't like marketing" doing-it-all entrepreneurs.

Ready?  It's so simple you don't even need a pen.

Give. Give. Give. Ask.

"Give" means giving free content.

That could be

A quick tip on social media A blog post A webinar An article (even if it's not yours!) A teleseminar or live talk An Infographic A podcast A five minute talk at a networking event An interview on a telesummit

You must "give" at least three times before you can ask for the sale.

By giving you are creating a strong relationship with your tribe.  

You are sharing valuable information with them that allows them to better understand what you do and how you can help them.

Before your palms start sweating at how much content you need to create, know this:  You can use one of these methods more than once.

If blogging is your thing - then go for it!

If you're a social media fanatic, run with it!

While a mixture of at least a two platforms is desirable - I am giving you permission to do it YOUR WAY with this easy formula,

"Ask" means asking for the sale.

When you've given away some great tips or teaching points or shared your story and why you are passionate about what you do through the various channels above, THEN you can ask for a sale.

By giving first - you create a bond with your audience.  Only then do you earn the 

right to ask.

By sharing valuable content you not only establish yourself as the expert but you make them trust you because you aren't always asking for the sale!

Sound do-able?  Good!  You've got this.

And, if you are thinking, "Wow this is good stuff Heather.  How do I find out more?"

I am creating some awesome free stuff to help you develop your own simple marketing plan.  Stay tuned!

Until then: Give. Give. Give. Ask.


3 Easy Ways To Generate Content

Great marketing these days begins with content.  Lots of it.

But creating all that content can be a never ending job. Blog posts, website content, social media and more.

When you have great content you can

Educate- so that people understand their issue and how to address it with your help.

Inspire - so that people can have a vision of how their life will be better after you help them.

Engage - so that people can trust that you are there for them!

Content can be a powerful lead-in to cash flow in your business.

Content is used to create

Web pages

Social media

Email newsletters


Live talks

Opt in gifts

Autoresponder follow ups


Online launches


When you have content, you have your “meat” (and I’m not even a big meat eater, but remember the Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the meat?”)

Without content you leave people

  • not truly understanding what you do
  • not knowing why they should work with you
  • not feeling your “vibe” a.k.a. your personality

But how the heck to you generate it?  Do you sit down to try to write something - and then think, "What do I say?"

That's why I'm so happy to share 3 Easy Ways to Generate Content:

1.  Take brief notes after each client session

Did you just help a client with a breakthrough?

Is it something you've helped many clients through?

If you see an "aha" in the session and you hear their raves with your help, chances are others will enjoy your genius on that too

To capture my thoughts fro a great client session, I write a brief note on the topic in notepad on my phone.  Then, when it's time to write a blog post, I have inspiration ready!

2.  Put your own spin on a popular how-to topic

You may feel like gagging if you read one more blog post about how good kale is for you or see one more webinar that advertises list building.

You may think, "I could have written that!"  or "Why didn't I think of writing that?"

And you know what?  You can write your own spin on that topic.  

Maybe you have a BETTER recipe for kale or you have an easier way to explain list-building.  It's always a good idea to remember that no one else has your personality and your style (we all tend to forget that sometimes!)

I tell my clients that each coach has her own personality and people will resonate with you because of YOU.

Write from your heart and from your own experience and trust that people will enjoy your own personal and unique spin.

3.  Have a content brainstorm call with a friend

Do you have a fellow coaching friend whom you love to talk with?  Why not set up a "content brainstorm call" once or twice a month?

You can take turns "letting it rip" - talking to the other about your dreams and goals for your business and what you see going on in the marketplace while the other listens and takes notes.  (Be sure to set a time limit so it doesn't take all day!)

Ask the one who is listening to listen for "energy bolts" - things that she can tell really light you up and that you are passionate about.

Having an outside eye reflect those topics back to you can be MAGIC topics for content!  Try it once and see how well it works.

Creating great marketing content that can be used to educate, inspire and engage with your tribe doesn't have to be rocket science.

In fact, I am creating something awesome behind the scenes to help you generate clear and clean content (AND be able to help you follow a simple marketing plan).  Stay tuned!

  Until then, be inspired (and write about it!)