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The World's Easiest Marketing Plan

Everyone knows the pushy sales person.  The one who is breathing down your back as you consider your options.

Or the blaring "Buy from me!  Buy from me!" sale where you feel pressured to make a decision on the spot without really knowing what you are buying.

It makes you want to RUN the other way, doesn't it?

Do you ever feel that way in your own marketing and sales?

You feel like you are being pushy.

You feel like you are forcing it.

You feel like you are showing off.

I'm here to tell you that there's a better way - one that's authentic, enticing and PULLS your audience in (instead of pushing them away!)

I'm so happy to share

The World's Easiest Marketing Plan

This is for you go-with-the-flow kind of coaches.

This is for you "I'm so overwhelmed" solopreneurs.

This is for you "I don't like marketing" doing-it-all entrepreneurs.

Ready?  It's so simple you don't even need a pen.

Give. Give. Give. Ask.

"Give" means giving free content.

That could be

A quick tip on social media A blog post A webinar An article (even if it's not yours!) A teleseminar or live talk An Infographic A podcast A five minute talk at a networking event An interview on a telesummit

You must "give" at least three times before you can ask for the sale.

By giving you are creating a strong relationship with your tribe.  

You are sharing valuable information with them that allows them to better understand what you do and how you can help them.

Before your palms start sweating at how much content you need to create, know this:  You can use one of these methods more than once.

If blogging is your thing - then go for it!

If you're a social media fanatic, run with it!

While a mixture of at least a two platforms is desirable - I am giving you permission to do it YOUR WAY with this easy formula,

"Ask" means asking for the sale.

When you've given away some great tips or teaching points or shared your story and why you are passionate about what you do through the various channels above, THEN you can ask for a sale.

By giving first - you create a bond with your audience.  Only then do you earn the 

right to ask.

By sharing valuable content you not only establish yourself as the expert but you make them trust you because you aren't always asking for the sale!

Sound do-able?  Good!  You've got this.

And, if you are thinking, "Wow this is good stuff Heather.  How do I find out more?"

I am creating some awesome free stuff to help you develop your own simple marketing plan.  Stay tuned!

Until then: Give. Give. Give. Ask.